Yusaku Mochizuki (Mochi)
Yusaku Mochizuki 望月ゆうさく "Mochi"

Juggler / Media Artist / Entertainer / Performer / Producer / Street Performance Researcher
IJA Juggling World Champion
Former member of http://enra.jp/
Graduate of Kyushu University and Tokyo University of Fine Arts

With thrilling showmanship, Yusaku Mochizuki raises the bar of live performance: incorporating tap dance, video art, LED diabolos, digital poi sticks, and more, he is an outstanding entertainer for the 21st century.

World Champion performer Yusaku Mochizuki started juggling in his hometown of Shizuoka, Japan in 2001 when he was 13 years old, and now he works actively presenting his creative work as an artist all over the world on TV and at festivals, theaters, corporate functions, and events worldwide. For him, juggling is an essential base to express himself that merges art, sports, and performing arts.

Within the world of juggling, Yusaku Mochizuki specializes in the diabolo, noted for his characteristically precise control and sense of extreme speed in his performances. Moreover, he has taken juggling beyond the circus and the street, experimenting with performances using video and performing on television and on many of the greatest stages and performing arts centers in the world, such as at the Festival du Cannes, the Ricardo Montalbán Theatre, Cirque du Demain, and the Taichung Arts Festival to name a few. In 2015 Yusaku Mochizuki achieved his dream, winning gold at the International Jugglers’ Association world championship and thereby officially becoming the world’s top diabolo artist. He is a former member of the world-renowned performance group enra, fusing visual art, dance, and juggling.

- International Jugglers' Association 68th Individual Championship - First Place / World Champion (2015)
- International Jugglers' Association 67th Individual Championship - Second Place / World First Runner-Up (2014)
- Taiwan International Diabolo Competition: Formosa Cup – Champion (2015)
- International Jugglers' Association 62nd Individual Championship - Third Place / World Second Runner-Up (2009)


As an individual:
- Shizuoka International Performing Arts Festival “Daidogei World Cup” (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)
- Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka – Japan Cup Official Participant (2017)
- 39th Festival Mondial du Cirque du Demain – Official Participant (2018)
- Japan Juggling Festival 2017 - Guest Performer
Roppongi art night2013

As a member of enra:
- Festival de Cannes Opening Ceremony (2015)
- International Olympic Committee Performance, Hosted by the Prime Minister of Japan (2013)
- Public performances in Portugal, Singapore, Taiwan, USA, Mexico, Japan
- USA Tour in 2015, 2016, and 2017
- Two week residency at Dollywood (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA) in 2017
- Corporate and private events in numerous countries including North and South America, Middle East, Europe, and across Asia

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You can watch this video 4 hours after.


日本テレビ「世界の果てまでイッテQ! 女芸人一芸合宿in宮城」に出演します。

木村昌道、須田 恵梨華 、青島宏隆、鈴木隼に参加して頂き、計5名で指導致しました。
モンブランピクチャーズの猪口 大樹さん
スポンジのHiroyuki Nakatsukasaさん



Mochi will appear on the Japan so much famous TV programm "Nippon Television -Sekai no Hate made itteQ!-".
I will be teaching "how to do diabolo" and producing the act in miyagi.

◆ on air
July 28th (Sun) 19:58 ~ we are planning to do it.

Please take a look at this Sunday! I'm looking forward to meet you on air.

Mochi in circus coneli.#circusconeli #MOCHI...

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Mochi in circus coneli. #circusconeli #MOCHIPOWER #yusakumochizuki

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