My Dear fans,

Please be informed that I will be restart as YOJI BIOMEHANIKA.

it is a long story but…. I realized myself my Identity became more YOJI BIOMEHANIKA by once again with many things recently.

It has been 25 years, that I produce and DJ in my music life. It is a quarter of a century...

When I start my carrier as YOJI BIOHANIKA in 90's, there was no EDM culture in Japan.I organized secret parties which had an underground atmosphere just like US and Europe at the time. After that I start DJing at legendary club QOO in Osaka, then Ozaka3000, VIVA in Tokyo and so on. About the time, I start releasing my productions. And so, I began traveling all over the world...

I released a domestic major debut album『TECHNICOLOR NRG SHOW』from avex in 2001, after that 1 released second album『TALES FROM BIG ROOM』in 2004 (This one also released from ID&T Holland).
also I did many release mix album from many labels in the world. At a certain point, I got the image of a YOJI=HARD DANCE, YOJI=BIG ROOM SOUND.
On the other hand, the image is obstructed some how in my mind. I am always looking for the new exciting music…. and for this reason, I started new carrier as YOJI to do TECH-DANCE music style.. and spend 7 year so far doing so. 

During the my work every day in the studio, I feel more melodic music emerging and banging beats, and see myself moving once more towards the BIG ROOM SOUND. Then I started feeling less space as the YOJI name to do TECH-DANCE.... There is  no meaning for me as YOJI solo any more.....

Early last year, Mr.Yoneda from avex who used to work together when we released 『TALES FROM THE BIG ROOM』contacted me and he told me he wants to work with me again.... avex was away from dance music scene for a while and Mr.Yoneda is the key person to restart the project. When I had a little chat with him, I told him that I would like to do BIG ROOM SOUND as YOJI BIOMEHANIKA again....

For the 25 years anniversary this year, I am working on the project call "QUATER CENTURY OF YOJI" in my studio.

I realized;  I am YOJI BIOMEHANIKA... I clearly found again.

I will release third album around May, 2015. It been 10 years from my second album. And I will release a new single "Place For Freedom" which I already played a lot at clubs, I believe many people know this single.

There is an upcoming event as YOJI BIOMEHANIKA on 2/21 at VISION Tokyo and on 2/28 at Joule Osaka.

Looking forward to seeing you all!