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Voz como la de Elvis poquitas por no decir ninguna era de lo bueno lo mejor.

How can Elvis keep singing songs for so long time? Amazing singer!.

tengo 72 años. recuerdo haberlo escuchado cuando tenía como 14. desde ese entonces fue para mi el Rey. lamentable su vida posterior..

You ain't nothin' but a hound dog


Long Live The King. Such a great vocal and live performer. No wonder why 40+years after his death he is still loved and respected..

lindo 💖💖💖

yeah..everybody let's rock!!!! with Elvis!

Pocket full of Rainbows reminds me of being a kid.x

I remember the day Mom told me about him. We were at the “Legends” restaurant, and we were sitting right next to an Elvis photo. I asked her who he was and she told me. I am so glad of that question..

I gave a letter to the postman, he put it his sack. But in early next morning, he brought my letter back. She wrote upon it: Return to sender, address unknown. No such number, no such zone. We had a quarrel, a lover's spat I write I'm sorry but my letter keeps coming back. So then I dropped it in the mailbox And sent it special D. But in early next morning it came right back to me. She wrote upon it: Return to sender, address unknown. No such person, no such zone. This time I'm gonna take it myself and put it right in her hand. And if it comes back the very next day then I'll understand the writing on it Return to sender, address unknown. No such number, no such zone..




I was 13 and remember it well and am still a huge fan
let's talk about what's important. His great looking Ass!. And his Roman /Greek nose. He is like a statue.
His smile! Oh my Lord💖
Impressao minha ou esse povo dos anos 60 eram lidos de mais 0:49
Elvis was the one and only. Many imitations but god only made one. There will never be another.

this brought tears to my eyes happy birthday RIP the king
No such number, no such zone.
Que bonita cancion
ELVIS inesquecivel sempre o amarei
Ahhhh the cool smooth dance moves ofbthe Man himself , Mr. Elvis A.Presley #SMILE 😁💗
God blessed him with the best vice ever!! The gospel music is the best!! He was blessed. The greatest ever!! Love and miss you ELVIS..
Lindo demais
Bello, espectacular cantante, nos hizo bailar a pleno. Y que placer escucharlo Gracias.
Meraviglioso mio amor hai sconvolto la mia vita con la tua voce stupenda e ka tua folgorante bellezza....♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥


The king is still the best ! No one else can take his crown

My favorite song in the jukebox

God must have been seriously high in some heavenly drugs when he made Elvis...



Elvis, no one will ever beat you in the voice department, the dance department or the good-looks department. You were a perfect, perfect thing. Your music will be cherished for as long as Man inhabits this Earth..


Far he looks better then anyone these days
The Man
Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane Watch Full Length No Sing Up.


Pleace Rip for Elvis presley

Thanks for all the great music, Elvis RIP


I've watched this all my life.  I was born in 72 and grew up with this in our VCR.  Good memories.  He was my first crush and formed what I have considered an attractive man.  Dark hair, good bod, bad ass moves, and a great sense of humor.  Still looking for him, but he's out there!.
*Gasps* This Isn't For Kids Eyes ;D
Hey man:::I’m a Elvis fan & I just watched 3 seconds of your vid and u should be ashamed of yourself for putting a record with the most historical television event in history:::Not cool man😎.

I love elvis presley, i from brazil Algum br ?
Elvis Forever
He was so good
I don't consider myself an Elvis fan although I like some of his songs, he was one of a kind and there will never be another like him.
Elvis is very unique and very talented in his own way with his own style he brings to the people....❣️😊