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so awesome!


This is a great and powerful movie!!! Thank you to Plant Based News for letting me know it was coming to the market and I bought it and it was great.

our food, our gov't putting flouride (a neuro toxin) in our water, chemtrails, big pharma, even the medical industry is in on it.

Please, plant based foods are only half the solution. It's the processed foods that are a major killer, because in effect, they are nothing but drugs (poison) And unbeknownst to me, I have been on a plant based diet most of my life. MOst of what I eat is fruits and vegetables and nuts. The key term here is plant- based.

It's definitely the food...

When/where can I watch the full documentary?

my exact comments


Why can't I find this movie eating you alive?!?! Any help. All the YouTube links are bogus and it's not on Netflix 😩

wow we not leaving longer, we dying longer.

Too bad it's impossible to actually WATCH this film! Nice hype, but ...

Wtf is Samuel
if cures are done naturally and know to the public it will bankrupt many pharmas, doctors and hospital , i believe we will end up in a 3rd world country
I love stories like this! What a great inspiring and proactive. GOOD JOB GUYS !!! 👏🏼🏆
@Elberiver11 Err, why should it be banned for kids?! I've seen it plenty of times and I'm not depraved or demoralized by it! I think this here is a good, cheesy exploitation movie. Sure, there are better and deeper cannibal films, but this one gets a pass for a camp value. I see no reason why this or any other movie should be banned from kids..


Very good video to open people’s eyes. GO VEGAN 🌱 thank you for this awesome video 🙏.
Awesome interview and great documentary. Thanks PBN, you're one of my favourite youtube channels!
yeah sure because this is not inteded for sales and money making at all. lol
Mediterranean pine nuts are $50.00 per pound in U.S.


thank god i no longer eat meat