There is few it with the intake of carbohydrates and, carbohydrate diet to suppress, is paid attention a note recently.

You should be careful, and what will the thing be in going on a carbohydrate diet?

A phenomenon that quantity of internal ketone increases gets up when I reduce carbohydrates to use fat accumulated in the body.

When ketone increases, depending on a person, it may cause a feeling of arrhythmia and irritation.

It becomes important that I consume water diligently and exhaust ketone outside by the carbohydrate diet.

When I reduce an intake and extremely cut it because carbohydrates are things becoming the nutrient of the brain, the movement of the brain may blunt.

In addition, influence may appear for the liver function while I go on a carbohydrate diet to be good, and to use the function to make sugar with liver.

In addition, the blood is apt to be partial in the acidity.

There seems to be the person becoming a person and a coma, the swoon state to fall into dyspnea for the lack of carbohydrates.

A Japanese has the opinion that the carbohydrate diet is unsuitable for in fact.

This is because cholesterol is easy to go up to come to eat a lot of meat when I pull carbohydrates.

The carbohydrate diet is granted assuming American dietary habits, and there is the claim that a condition is different at all by the Japanese meal.

The carbohydrate diet seems to be accompanied by the risk as much as it is early that a diet effect is given.

It may be said that it is a point to wrestle for carbohydrate diet to make sure of whether it matches one's constitution.

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