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Brought to life by one of the oldest jewelers in the world, Men's Cartier watches offer a signature style that has lasted more than 100 years. They bear witness to Cartier's mastery of precious metals and rare jewels. Cartier watches exhibit the expertise of its makers in the fine art of design and superb craftsmanship. And they come inspired by the vast civilizations of the world; the mark of a highly creative, decidedly brilliant jeweler. That is what sets Cartier watches apart, and it's the reason why there are so few people on Earth who wouldn't recognize the name.

Shortly before the public fascination with Cartier began, it was a Parisian brand that only an elite group of people knew about. In 1853, six years after acquiring the jewelry workshop of his master, Louis-Francois Cartier had grown the organization to a size that could cater to a private clientele. As prosperity reigned for Louis, he was proud to open a shop on 9 boulevard des Italiens, Omega Watches in 1859. With his two brothers, Pierre and Jacques, Louis then began to travel the world. From India to Russia, the Persian Gulf to the United States, they saw it all and drew inspiration from each culture that they visited, making Cartier watches and jewelry a favorite of the royal courts of Europe. It wasn't long before the brand achieved world fame for its exotic creations, the ingenuity of which lingers in Cartier watches today.

The Tortue line of is one such model that continues to be seen, originally featuring a unique panther spot motif. Another enduring style of Cartier watches is the Santos, created in 1904. It was designed for Louis' friend Santos-Dumont, the Brazilian Aviator, and became a huge success that lead to several styles still in production. And, the Cartier Tank watch of 1912, a model that was inspired by British tanks from World War I, remains highly recognizable among dress watch enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The history of Cartier reveals an intuitive style that will seemingly last forever. As the brand enjoys favor with royalty and celebrities, catering to their every whim in both jewelry and in watches, the creativity and resourcefulness that goes into every piece resonates with the general public. Cartier watches come in a variety of designs and price points that are accessible to the masses, but they all exhibit a high level class that unifies the brand and its wearers. It's a characteristic that is unique to Cartier, and should make even the most unassuming wearers proud.

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