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With real journalists like Chris Hedges ,Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, James Risen and Julian Assange there is still some hope for this world..
Excellent film
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Chris Hedges is amazing, speaks the truth and is very intelligent, he speaks for the love of his country..

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Ça a dû coûter vraiment cher pour avoir tout cet argent-là! Je me demande (et les gens qui s'occupent du compte youtube des Films Seville auront peut-être réponse à cette question): est-ce que c'est de la vraie argent que l'on voie dans le film ou s'agit-il d'un effet spécial? Je suis très curieux sur tout ce qui concerne les envers du décors du cinéma!.

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we need FDR now

Checkout Morris Berman if like Chris hedges

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I love Chris Hedges, I often quote him to my progressive friends - who don't listen to him. One point of relevance I often hear him skirt though, is the unreasonable explanation, dispossession, afforded many former union workers who are attracted to hate groups. The fact is, many of these people vote conservative, they loved and still love Reagan and do so because both conservatives and Reagan were seen as stomping down Blacks and other Non-Whites, making a way for their livelihoods. What they never counted on was the Conservative spirit turning on them, which it has, yet they still cling to it..

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The Question Never Asked - Is The Purpose Of Society To Nurture And Support Its Citizens Or To Make Millionaires And Billionaires Richer?
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I've been saying this stuff since Trump won the election. Of course, Chris Hedges says it much more eloquently (and cleaner) than I do, but though I was shocked at first when I found out Trump was our president, the more I thought about it, the more I realized, you know, he's perfect for us. How can the culture that gave us The Jersey Shore have anyone else in its highest office?.
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As a Canadian listening to Chris Hedges ... I never thought I would say this, but we Canadians need to build a WALL of our own to stop the inevitable influx of Americans who will shortly be trying to escape the US as it collapses ....

The US is clearly in the strangle hold of a demonic cabal. With a mentally slow electorate, corrupt political class, and predatory capitalist corporation's on the lose + all those nuclear and military weapons, its very scary days for the rest of world. can't be far off midnight on the dooms day clock, Lord Jesus save us!!!!!.

some dozen years from now we the people will have to do a Venezuela/Cuba and take back all the privatized systems like water, education, prisons, highway tolls etc after the rich pigs and their corporations killed the nation. NJ and Corporations pay 22 cents hour to prisoners and Alabama pays zippo for this essential blackmailed forced slave labor in USA, not Bangladesh . We have met the enemy, and it is us. ALL of us in USA on one level or another..

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Chris Hedges is the most humane, intelligent person on earth today.

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Ben oui. Les Américains sont des monstres qui ne vivent que pour l'argent. Quel discours simpliste. J'imagine que ce film est le travail de bénévoles, qu'il n'a absolument rien coûté et qu'on pourra aller le voir gratuitement en salle. J'adore ces « artistes » qui chient sur l'argent, mais qui comptent sur ce même argent pour produire leurs « oeuvres » et nous faire la leçon. L'argent est une nécessité, pas un mal nécessaire..

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Great film...coming true.

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Mainstream Liberals are Hypocrites you said it Mr Chris. Give them the UN-diluted Truth.