The animated cartoon started when I was looking at the television on yesterday.

The title of the animated cartoon is "CodeGiass".

Recently, I was doing life that did not watch television.
I was not looking at the animated cartoon at all.
Recently, I never liked TV program.
However, "CodeGiass" was different.

I have liked it though I do not know its story at all.

I think that the story came to like it because characters are unique in the fantasy.

I liked it very much.
I saw all conversations in a day.

It was a happy day though became tired.

Hot-spring resort

I have visited a hot-spring resort.

However, the hot spring is not on the hot spring street.

Hot spring was born from the construction site.

Therefore,as for water, sulfur is not contained.

Water is a brine solution.

It is .... natural.

But, I like this hot spring.