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but also know how to achieve that goal. For our team, we want to win the second game! LeBron - James in order to concentrate on preparing for the playoffs, temporarily new balance 996 uk shut down their social media. NBA fans around the world in order to allow players during the finals and maintain interactive, special guest James face book (Facebook) chat rooms, before today's training, he sat down before the camera around to answer fan questions, Sina sports are also invited to attend interactive interviews. James opener severe leg cramps, could not attend the last four minutes, he said feeling much better today, fans need not worry. At the same time

James these days a lot of new balance 574 people have also been questioned and criticized, asked how to deal with "Jane black men" attack, he shared his own way. I have people on our team is the most underrated teammate James - Jones, he received little playing opportunities, I would hope that he can get more time, "James explained," The reason I say that he is undervalued based on the fact that Even without playing time, he was always ready, waiting for the coach to call at any time, and in his locker room, gave us pause at the sidelines of speech, on the plane, on the bus, too