Real estate by KURAMA

I am real Japanese officeworker.

I always think ,Why do I works?

My answer is for my family life and money.

however,My office worker'sjob isn't interesting.

So,I have started investment 2years ago.

Now my life is very exciting.

I hope I will get to invest many rent incomes someday.

2015年05月31日 17時33分33秒

shell gathering!!

I went to Shell gathering with my family this morning.
There are a lot of people at the sea side.

We try to gather many shell.
And,we got many shell(^^)

We enjoy the shell gathering.
Today's dinner is shell soup.

Mady,it will be a delicious soup.

2015年05月31日 00時20分01秒

New apartment!!

Long time know see.
I'm busy with my office work.
I took a service work overtime everyday.

So,I can't write my brog.

However,I'm looking for invecetment everynight.

I found a new apartment 2week ago.

this apartment build at good location.
And,it have a good price,
and,a little young.
(it built 20 years ago.)

I was interesting in the apartment.
So,I contacte destate agent.
 And I'll see him and the apartment tomorrow.

I'm looking forword to it.

2015年03月24日 23時23分15秒

introduce myself

I'm kurama for Japanese office worker.
My family are wife and 2sons.

I have started an investment for rent house from 2013.
Because,I love money.
And,I'm interested in investments.

Now,I have 3rent house.
I rent 3 tenants.and it produce a little money.
So,my total income are office worker salary and rent incomes.

I'm lookimg for a new investment house or apartment.