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Me enamora con su voz <3
I love itt
I cried many times during this movie, the epitome dealing with what you have in life.

This was such a great movie, and an even better ending. I teared up a bit, not gonna lie

He is Groot
Sweet Child O' mine 🍁
ça semble vraiment bien
alaskan bush peopel



Reaktion auf Trailer: GEIL GEIL GEIL
The best movie of 2016! Put together the best of Into the Wild with Little Miss Sunshine and have this work of art. Amazing!.
Power to the people, stick to the man!
Lol I'm just after reading the book
Optimis Prime?
Bye, Mommy hahahah against the system.
how can I watch the full movie????????
Song name?
My eyes are out of tears
Ah man can't wait to see Liam Treeson in this movie!

enfin un film avec un vrai scenario et une histoire surtout authentique! marre de tout ces remake (ratés en plus) et ces adaptations de jeux videos / comics (ratés aussi...).
Alive and Kicking
I'm Groot
Essa gaita é simplesmente linda !!!!
who else came here thinking this was a horror movie😂
ı dont want to see people that crying in my funeral ..
so ouro

Do anyone else see the thumb nail and expect it to be a sequel to cabin in the woods?

i really hope this movie will be as great as the book was unlike other books turned into movies
Great movie and a really good version of this song. Better than the screeching Axel Rose any day.
Eu chorei horrores nessa parte
Liam Neeson is not killing anybody in this trailer...DING! Infact He is NOT in this trailer... ;P DING!
save a tree eat a beaver
Filme incrivel nunca gostei tanto de um filme XD
Oh man... thanks axl for writing this beautiful song.

this was so complicatingly beautiful

Slash came up with the best intro ever. Listen to official Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child o' Mind.