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A long, dense smoke curtain, annihilation charming. Thin month intoxicating, evening tea cool, tantric massage hong kong come to an end. Palace are restless, I lean on railing thoughts still no solution.

Through the old goods, ukiyo Qing huan. HUAFA late. Flowers terminal dusk. Mo Taoyao branches, wet dust with rain, misty Hanyan repeatedly. A thousand Li Yan word without a book, a row over, many fishing deep. A twist of endless wick, highlights a halo turned midnight fireworks. Gean Lin light fade, the man with the heroine by flow. Tonight you have thin, fireworks.

Sanskrit is not disabled, chess falls in bureau yesterday, out of the moment -- flowers dancing for delay and bright. Under the tree, misty songs blown withered a Tung, such as glass suddenly broken. Outside, a road Shuying complex, and the fireworks fade a day late, time not to live. My heart Yi pan, nostalgia for clear eyes. It just like kite line, any mark hairspring weakness, I moment you toss smoke.

The moss covered with cuffs, thousands of years, I smile for erosion of rain was mottled, and I still don't go. I only smoke coming this event. The Gu Xiang long, people travel not for you, but for years to ancient Xiang not more that night of fireworks. I located in the ancient lane at the end of the millennium, the end is love on the night of the bizarre fireworks. The fireworks semi thin, left a sigh, the light died out. A quarter of a Mou heart flowers, twilight, cardinal manchester and once the fireworks allure.

Fireworks are really very deep, flowers. Only that the red light if the fireworks, in the fingers are cold and warm. Through the Millennium wind and frost, fireworks semi thin occasion, who promised flowers one into tears you me? Salty tears soaked my flowers, stone tyre peeling, just I in order not to walk, only to wait for the next cycle of fireworks. Recurrent thousand Ren, I follow the years trace, breakpoint in minute fireworks burning eyes.

Fireworks burning, I put the embers of old porcelain. A little of flame, yin and Fen Yun ink blooming flowers. Evening wind set up in the alley, no one solution, leaving the fireworks gentle quiet, repent of past actions. It is Yu through in spring like fireworks. I sleep the sleep of the ancient lane at the end of the millennium, but the night terrors in your prime eyebrow slightly low moment -- I have blurred for a long time. Others tide gradually dispersed, fireworks semi thin, flowers after sunset, you figure out the lane. I look for, for thousands of years.

The old lane with my watch. Pyrotechnic delay. I know you have to cycle ferry, never look back. The immortal, waiting. I only believe in myself, I am in the world, some people from my faith. I frown smile, they don't understand, I stop just because of you. You're gone, I still miss yesterday's eyes, you frown down, my life has been set......

Die die permeability immediately brilliant fireworks. My heart has turned from fireworks You Yu Gu Xiang nowhere. As to the fireworks doesn't stop, flowers at dusk, I can't stay. You just pass by the lane, I got time to look dignified. Shear constant moment fireworks whirling, icy cold moonlight, I stopped in the ancient lane at the end of the millennium.

I can finally fireworks semi thin flowers twilight, since a grain fracture Yang Kai, I wait with me a moment into ash, sand Mo into war. I am the dumping of shadow, for thousands of years to dry. People such as Zen life mess, insufficient, thousands of carrying the rest. One dream, nu skin and I smoke a. I sense to wait, fruitless, dropping the millennium with tears. Fireworks has long gone, the flowers have long. Why do I say not to go? Such as fireworks is open to all flowers twilight, soon ceased to be, I can't miss, I can not wait. You walked, I also not reluctant, silent out waiting for.

Finally, the fireworks a long streamer, falling I weathered Millennium stone of tears. Thousands of years of talk about what is not? I choose to wait, the ash still no change. Deeply after Gu Xiang, yo. Who knows I pawn thousand years -- in exchange for that night of fireworks semi thin flowers twilight.