Grab candy

Grab candy


Many days passed, I still can not forget you. If time can erase the memory of a person, what I want to know, this time is too long. I and she really is predestined friends, if not, why to let us meet; if there is, and why not togetherwomen clothing hong kong.

There is nothing wrong with our acquaintance, I was wrong! 09 years we thought to find their own the other half of life, even if it does not say, and we all know! Although not as mature now, but the heart will have such idea! I really want to and you put this love to talk about in the end, I do not separate, now is the same, with the idea ofTeny Wu.

But the reality is not imagined so beautiful. Our love was unusually difficult. Always conflict, misunderstanding, again and again, then the long time of the cold warhair weave.

I thought... I didn't think you were soon abandoned, and there is no one day does not want you, not a day not to love you. I have been waiting for, waiting for us back to that in a good day! I also believe that there will be such a day, because I won't give up, because I really love! I can responsibly say to me, will make you a lifetime of happiness, will not let you be the slightest grievance.

Short loss and be at a loss what to do, I just feel pain like Earth crumbles, swept from their omnipresent. Future days, like purgatory to me, not a day not to miss you, walking in the street to you, eat when you want to, even the night dreaming of you.

I always think, in regret! This feeling last issue appeared in my body, let people can not accept is yesterday, today this separation? Regret it too late......

I have again and again in my mind for our happy days together, often can not help the tears! Silently enjoying the bitter sweet memories! You and I said leave a memory to each other! Oh, don't I want to use my lifetime of happiness to you change a said memories? I can't make it. Who can do it with me.

I believe that I am a very strong boy, no matter the pain, I can totally accept it. But then again, not strong and what is the way? I often advise himself, to deceive myself! This is just a very ordinary love it, don't think of so many, don't torment yourself! This won't help, I couldn't control myself, because I too love! ......

I think now the pain is short? They will be in the past! I do not want to hurt yourself, torment yourself! I really don't want to, but I have no way to forget, life goes on, but without you my life is what kind of? So I won't give up, never!

I have insomnia after you go almost every night, again and again! Think about how to see you? Will you ignore me? Sometimes really very disappointed, very afraid, afraid you will ignore me! Really afraid, each to this time I remind myself, you will not! .....

Perhaps we think the opposite! I went all out to want to be with you, and you think of is! ... finally can only tell myself, work hard.

This world is no longer what more important than love. You have appeared in my world, I really can't let her go out! This is not a matter of time. You may not think so? But at least for me not. Hatred victory only love. I believe that love will never lose to time. Really love, really.!

When I and my friends, I want you by my side should have much good ah! A person walking, I would think, if you are the good ah! You are not in every hour and moment in my mind is really. No matter what I see, things and objects! Can let me think of you! ......

Like this is torture day whether there are long! A year or two? I will stick to it..! But who can tell me the final outcome? Really want to know the true! When I'm alone, I would think it over and over again! Really tired, also really enough! ......

People are never satisfied! Only lost just know precious, just want to say I really love you, always think of you, will be sad, be sad! As long as you appear in my mind, no matter what thing to me is not important! Also let me not to the feelings of the new!...
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