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Some people are famous scholars, family life has its own philosophy, and is the official tycoon, also have a set of life and an official, business philosophy, there is a variety of stars, have their own good or bad philosophy in life, some people let people admire, but some people do is spurned by the peopleblack bedroom furniture. I am an ordinary people, an ordinary peasant, a drift for a long time the prodigal son, also have a set of their own philosophy of life. First, for their own conscience, to pay their own name, to live up to the people around him, to examine oneself, feeling no shame.

My friends are the most real emotions, with the most bright eyes watching each other, and some people are looking back at me, but with a telescope, however, is the use of anti telescope. Are all tall in my eyes the friendiPad cover, but in your eyes, I see is more and more small, but, your heart can see me smile. I always know that different people have different aspirations., think differently, and do not like, their own way, to seek their dream, without affecting the others under the premise, the live each who also don't change who. Perhaps, only the long-term interests, not for a long time friend.

Friends say that I am doing the project, the total contact with people from all walks of life must be smooth, I have nothing to say, because the world is changing, we, now we do not have the power to change the world, I never beg whatwomen clothing hk, also won't easily get what. Because, to get anything, is a price to pay, I have seen a lot of life philosophy, also witnessed, but also to understand the needs of each person. Good language is the three spring, upright nuisance.

I don't care about my appearance, only care about their own heart, this man straight, what what say, afraid of what others see, there are wooden and dull, deceive people speak the truth, liar have I cried, he said brother, you come from the countryside. I said to him, this is the truth! I know that he is an ugly duckling, also do not know the lofty ambition, however, I have a fly pursuit, will never change until death. Don't fly has soared, even die tomorrow, today also want to live.

Many friends said prodigal affection, because the prodigal son is perceptual person, a real person, is my good than sentimental? Do not harm people do more ruthless! The bad man is woman's sake, the bad woman is not live men flatter, men are not stand the temptation of a woman, the woman is not prevented the man. Between men and women friends will be long, but the lover will not last long. Who do not believe, you have a try, and I never mind, dare I say every word I say, are not the truth, however, is absolutely the truth. A good man is a tree, can let the woman be cool and rely on, can stop the wind and rain, if encounter a crooked tree, only hanged herself.

People are equal, no matter whether you are rich or poor base, you are rich and rights, but I do not ask you, no natural just. What is a man to live by, mutual appreciation, mutual respect, mutual comfort, is a mutual understanding, rather than mutual harm. This is a prodigal son real life philosophy.