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Looking for the right sleeve tattoo designs? There are so many factors that go into the sleeve tattoo design that is right for you.

First, you should consider the time and money investment involved in these types of tattoos. These factors alone are especially important as any tattoo that takes up your whole sleeve, from your shoulder down to your wrist, will typically take hundreds of hours and can cost thousands of dollars. That brings us to another point: make sure you have the complete budget for you tattoo before you begin the job. As sleeve work costs more and usually takes more work than the average type of tattoo, you definitely don't want to run out of your money while you're only half-way done with the expected job. This happens more often than you would expect. So just make sure you "think before you ink!"

Another obvious ingredient to your sleeve tattoo is the design. The great thing about these tattoos if that even though the take up much space and impose quite a presence on your body, they can either be predominately masculine or feminine. It all depends on you and what you want to represent. It is not a gender specific thing. Some female sleeve tattoos go the hard-core route and get skull tattoos, some men get them with beautiful, vibrant colors. It depends if you want to represent the more Hippie-style or more of that Punk look.

Some of the most beautiful designs can be represented as Japanese sleeve tattoos. Many people opt for the Japanese tattoos as the symbols are elegant and have deep meaning. A great addition for many women is the flower tattoo. Many women want to express their femininity by with flower designs.

In the last ten years the popularity of tattoos has continued to grow among women. Star tattoos have been recognised as one of the favourites. This has brought the tattoo star meaning to more and more people's attention. The thing with star tattoos is the many different designs and from that people look for their own star tattoo meaning. The tattoo meaning will depend on what style of star has been designed. The Star of David, has an extremely powerful image to the Jewish culture. This means to them an actual connection with Jewish people and the heavenly spirit. According to Paganism, this means "the knife and also the chalice". It's the symbol relating to complete human race. The Star of David is normally useful to keep things in balance in everyday life of the people who follow this faith.

The Nine Pointed star is one of those tattoo designs that are not seen that often. The Nine pointed star is called Enneagram and the tattoo meaning is around the nine points. It gets its name from the Greek word for nine. The followers of this religion have the belief that the nine pointed star represents completeness to them. This meaning comes from the Bah' Faith.

How many of you have taken part in your schools nativity play? Well the star in the play is the Nautical Star or North Star as it is more widely known. Yes you remember the three wise kings following the star to the manger well before sat nav were invented, a sailor would use the North Star to navigate the seas. So this tattoo meaning is all about getting the sailors and any one how would use the stars for directions in the night sky from A to B safely, also there is emphases around not getting lost.

One of the most used tattoos is the shooting Star. This tattoo meaning is all about marking something personal to you that has had an impact on our life, this can be a good or bad thing but it gives you a reference point on your body that will be a constant reminder of what has happen in the past. In today's hectic life style it is so easy to get all wrapped up in what is happening now and for periods of time we do not give a second thought for what has happened in the past. Of all the tattoo meanings this shooting star meaning is the most personal and individual one of the lot. I have seen some truly beautiful tattoos using this design.

For all you lovers of rock there is the Pentagram star tattoo meaning. The Five pointed star which is another popular one made famous by all the horror films it has been depicted in and the last one I can remember was Angles and Demons. Which is perfect for the pentagram star tattoo meaning as this star design has two defined meanings? If the point is facing up wards to the heavens that means safety and equilibrium but if the star is pointing down it signifies the underworld and a champion of the Devil and all it stands for. Do You Have your own Star Tattoo Meaning?

Getting any tattoo which has a star in its design in some way leads back to that thing we call life and how best we protect it. Take into account however, that diverse colours as well as stars within tattoos is going to signify other things as well. White star tattoos characterize chastity, while red Rose star tattoos might stand for a consuming infatuation. There are lots of colours as well as patterns readily available, offering a lot of different meanings to people desiring star tattoos and the individual star tattoo meaning which I come with them.

Marketing managers across America are constantly looking to find the next greatest giveaway for tradeshows and corporate events. Airbrush tattoos are the marketing phenomenon many marketers have been waiting for.

At the most recent US Open of Surfing, hundreds of tattooed teenagers were running around imprinted with the "Honda" logo. What an innovative and creative method for promoting your brand. Not only were these temporary tattoos not something picked up one minute and thrown away the next, people were lining up to see what the commotion was all about.

At a recent software tradeshow at Moscone Center in San Francisco, one innovative company, CedarCrestone of Georgia, utilized a local temporary tattoo company to put their company logo on guests who would be attending the companies private party later in the evening. The tattooed logo was the "Private Invitation" to let guests in the door.

The tattoo company works directly with other large corporations such as Google, Yahoo, CNET, Tellme, Maly's, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Fireman's Fund Insurance, IKEA, GenArt and Sprint. Although temporary tattoos have been around for decades, their mainstream use in film and advertising have contributed to their popularity.

If you are wracking your brain trying to come up with new ways to provide excitement at your child's birthday party or corporate event, consider hiring an airbrush artist to come in and give your guests tattoos. The kids will have a blast sporting their new 'ink' and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that it is not permanent. The added bonus is the parents can live a little and get that special tattoo they have always wanted.

The drawback to temporary tattoos, besides its lack of permanency, is that they are often hard to find. Tattoo parlors usually do not offer these less expensive features. Searching the web is the best method for finding an airbrush company.

Tattoo parlors are booming, even in a time of deep recession. Why all the business? One reason is that people are discovering that getting inked is a great mental boost to dealing with troubled times.

It's the one thing you can give yourself, that no one can take away.

The gift of a tattoo has many benefits. It is something that you don't have to find an external space for. You don't have to plug it in, put fuel in it, or spend money to maintain it, such is the case with many of the "gifts" we have been used to giving ourselves.

It's not something that will get shoved aside either. Something that you won't find time for anymore. You will always be able to enjoy your artwork. And you won't have to worry about where to hang it, even if the bank is foreclosing on all your four walls.

You also get the experience. This is much different than going into a big box store, throwing your boxed item into a cart and waiting in line. Some rush. The experience of tattooing is indeed a rush; a much needed exhilaration that can put some "life" back into you after having it drained from you over the usual worries we all experience during such times.

The preparation of getting tattooed is another healthy mental high. The researching of your design, deciding on what you want to have represented, where you want to place it, and so forth. Many enjoyable hours can be spent browsing online tattoo galleries, searching for that one unique tattoo design that speaks to you.

Even though times are tough, the mental health benefits of getting inked can far outweigh the choice to not get inked. We all need some healthy natural highs to get through tough times, and getting a tattoo is definitely an excellent option for such.

When you have finally decided to get inked, you might find out that it is even more difficult and frustrating to choose the best design for you than actually getting the tattoo. Picking the perfect tattoo design that could match your taste and attitude might be tricky, but with Tattoo Me Now, this has been made easy.

They say that your tattoo says a lot about you, and it does indeed. This is because as you choose the design which is to be inked on your skin, you pay attention to the message it sends to anyone who sees it, and incorporates your ideals and values along with it. Whatever it is that you hold dear is reflected on the designs you choose. And so, finding the one that truly represents the ideas that you want to portray in your tattoo becomes an integral part of the whole tattooing process.

In Tattoo Me Now, this ideal is given importance by allowing you a simpler way of finding the design that appeals to you the most. There is no need for you to find other sources, as the thousands of images that can be found in the site would really please you.

The trick now lies in the ability of this site to give you what you really want for your tattoo. Whatever kind of imagery you are looking for, you will definitely find it here.

Various designs that are unlike any other are available for you to view, customize, or recreate in the site. There would no longer be limits with regard to choosing the design for your tattoo, and you would surely be thrilled of the many possibilities that you can do for your design. With this, it is a must that you check out this site and see for yourself.