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StuartOオフィシャルブログ「神出鬼没変幻自在」Powered by Ameba

StuartOオフィシャルブログ「神出鬼没変幻自在」Powered by Ameba

スチュアート オー

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声優出演中アニメNHKEテレエイゴビート2の「VEGGIE LIFE」が通常木金で放送しますが、新型コロナウイルスの影響によりキッズキャストの撮影が出来ない状態が続いているため、放送が暫くの間お休みとなってしまいます。放送が再開したらご報告します。皆様も引き続きお気をつけて下さい。Our cartoon “VEGGIE LIFE” on NHK ETV Eigo Beat 2, which is usually on air every Thurs & Fri, will be taking a break from our screens for the immediate future, as the kids cast are unable to film due to coronavirus restrictions. We’ll let you know when we’re back on the air. In the meantime people, please continue to stay safe!

自宅スタジオ収録、3日目。。。出演、カメラマン、音響、照明、演出そして編集、全て一人でやってる。もうビールくれよー🍻Day 3 in a row at Chateau de StuartO studio...From lights, camera to sound, editing & actually performing/presenting, a completely one man operation.  I’m knackered & need a beer...thank god for beer...

今日は自宅スタジオにてテレビ収録〜。おまけにインタビュー番組のパイロット版も撮り、今夜はそれぞれの編集。明日もまた自宅スタジオでレギュラー出演音楽情報インストア番組録りと編集。どんどん引きこもって行く😵Shooting TV as well as an interview show pilot at Chateau de StuartO Studios today. Will edit these tonight & once again record & edit my regular in-store music/info ‘radio’ show at StuartO Studios tomorrow. Talk about staying the fk home...

Yesterday was cartoons...


Ah, the private train a world where this is no longer a rarity I also questioned the point of it. Huge cheers to the brilliant JR for keeping the wheels turning.

During corona/covid/fkn virus, there’s been a drop in outside studio recordings/filming, but by no means none. The home studio has been kept busy too. When I have to commute, have been avoiding the tube & mainly walking from home to & from studios, & it’s (once again) reconfirmed just how fkn wonderful our city is!  Everybody, continue to stay safe!

エイゴビート2が明日(木)朝9時55分〜と明後日(金)15時45分〜NHKEテレにて放送!アニメVEGGIE LIFEにSAM役とALBERT役で声優出演。
Our cartoon VEGGIE LIFE is on NHK ETV Eigo Beat 2 tomorrow (Thu) from 9:55am & Friday at 3:45pm! I voice the two boys SAM & ALBERT with the wonderful Caitlin Kelly voicing LUCY.

スチュアートキッズライブショーで大人気のWHAT DO YOU DO IN THE MORNING, recreation of the hugely popular routine from StuartO Kids Live shows