Popteen ♪♪♪

Hi everyone! ラブラブ

How have you been lately? 音譜

Kangbon has been bored (。・ε・。)

Since nothing has been happening 汗
I feel that I might be becoming boring! ダウン

I had a photoshoot yesterday though!
It was just me & my mobile phone チョキ
I was kind of frustrated at first
Because I didn't get good shots (`×´)

KANG ー♪のブログ

Aa, I wanted to quit! ヽ( )`ε´( )ノ

I got good shots toward the end though
But just barely あせる

I wanted to be in a Popteen cover
So here is the end result! キラキラ

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LOVE LAVI -fuzz-

Uwaah, it's been a while! チョキ

Last Sunday, I attended Komikon 2009
Where my friend Rika sold her & her partner's original comic
It's called "Life As Viciously Impossible"
(The title is catchy, isn't it? 音譜)

They won first place in the grassroots category
I'm so happy for them!! (-^□^-)

I did seiyuu work for the drama CD too, did you know? (^ε^)♪
I play Fletcher Noula
She's such a fun character 音譜
If you read the comic, you'll like her for sure! 晴れ

Please continue supporting the comic! ドキドキ
Check it out here! 右矢印 http://community.livejournal.com/love_lavifuzz/ ビックリマーク

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xoxo, Kangbon as Fletcher Noula リボン