The economics of leading a nomadic life

マット竹内の1日5分ビジネス英語より (英語ディクテーション)


  Settled life is generally one your children enroll the good school and you have a well-paying job, own house and debt-free life.   The Sero had all that and yet they chose the follow the nomadic lifestyle. 

     Will Sero was a corporate account and his wife Jessica won the graphic design business.  However, their lifestyle was proving to be too expensive with the monthly spending about 10,000dollars  unsatisfied with that situation.  They wanted to try something new and daring and decided to be 

modern-day nomad.  

     The family took a test trip to Paris to understand whether they could make a change.  They passed the test, thereafter they decided to take the plunge completely.  The family of four sold about 85 percent of their belongings, purchased international health insurance, and left Poston in 2014.  

     Since then the family has traveled to more than 65 countries.  In the first 3 years, the Sero lived in a particular location for about 9-12 months before moving on they rented a fully furnished home wherever they went, their monthly budget dramatically decreased to just 2,500 dollars a month.

      When the pandemic hit last year, they had just reached Japan.  They went back to France where they have long-stay visas. They have been living on a catamaran since August 22.



furnished    家具付きの

catamaran   カタマラン、二つの船体を備えた高速帆船

nomad          遊牧民              形容詞nomadic

plunge         を突然する、突入する

daring        大胆、勇気


plunge  は ここでは、take the plung で思い切って行動する、突入する、、という感じですね。

nomad , nomadic は最近ノマドな生活をされている芸能人や有名人がちょこちょこ、、、びっくり




「Financial Independence, Retire Early」を略したもので、早期に引退できるお金の独立性を確立することを指す。要は、働かなくてもいい財産を形成した状態のことだそう。