Hi! How was your weekend?
Recently on weekends, I make it a point to try to see friends and catch up.
エスパス ルイ・ヴィトン東京でラシード・ジョンソンの展覧会
Rashid Johnson exhibit at Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo
↑Cafe Dichterliebe(表参道)で桃のショートケーキラブ
Peach shortcake at Cafe Dichterliebe in Omotesando
I know I JUST went there the other day, but on Saturday, I went to Mt. Takao yet again...hiking is the best way for me to feel refreshed.
This time, I didn't cop out and make easy bagel sandwiches...instead, I woke up early and actually put in some time and effort to make Japanese-style bentos.
The bentos ended up being very...brown overall. But who cares - as long as it's good, right?! 
Oh and the veggies are pickled.
日曜日は、友達と初めて高円寺に行きました。気象神社とも呼ばれる氷川神社へ。友達はイタリア出身なんですが、てるてる坊主がかわいい!と興奮してましたニコニコ 欧米にはてるてる坊主のようなものはないので、珍しがってました。
On Sunday, I explored Koenji with a friend for the first time. We headed to Hikawa Jinja, also known as the Weather Shrine. My friend is from Italy, and she was excited to see the very adorable "teruteru-bouzu" (handmade dolls that are hung to keep away the rain). This kind of tradition doesn't exist in Western countries, so this was a novel experience for both of us.
In the evening, we enjoyed some craft beers! Here's to the summer ニコニコ
I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!飛び出すハート