Hi everyone !

So... last year, I tried to make a comeback on this blog, after managing to access it again, but no sooner had I posted my "comeback post" that I became unable to access my blog AGAIN..!!
This time, I'm just testing things... hopefully I can start writing here again soon, and for good !

See you later ♪ !

Lady Diana
こんにちはアメーバの皆さん !

お久しぶりですね !!
For a long time, I couldn't access my アメブロ !
寂しっかたです 。゚(T^T)゚。 !
I thought it was lost forever... but I'm happy to have it back.

I will start to post again after my exams.
Stay tuned ~ ♪ !

Today, I received two things in the mailbox,
one was expected since I ordered it, the other one was a surprise !

First thing I received was this :

Lady Diana's Enchanted World-ヒカルの碁 碁ジャス☆キャラクターズガイド

I've been a big fan of 「ヒカルの碁」 (Hikaru no Go) for several years now
(since I'm 12 years old I think, and I'm now 19 years old).
I wanted this character guide so badly back then !
Recently, I re-watched the anime and talked about it with
a very nice Canadian Lolita who is also a fan of this manga,
so it reminded me that I HAD to buy it /(*ρ*)/.
And I don't regret this purchase, the contents are really funny and interesting !

The other thing I received today is this :

Lady Diana's Enchanted World-分島花音のサイン

これは、分島花音さんのサインです☆ !
とてもうれしいです !
I entered this giveaway some months ago in order to try
to win an autograph by my favourite Japanese singer, Kanon Wakeshima,
on Kawaii girl Japan 's website, and today, I received this in my mailbox !
They never let you know when you win, so it was a delightful surprise !
It's the second autograph I win thanks to Kawaii girl Japan.
The first one was by 青木美砂子さん (I talked about it here ).
So now, I have two autographs from two of my Japanese Lolita inspirations :

Lady Diana's Enchanted World-分島花音さんのサインと青木美砂子さんのサイン

Next time, let's try to win an autograph from 小畑健先生 (o^-')b
(who drew 「ヒカルの碁」 igo*).

I wrote a lot today !
Thanks for reading ( ^ _ ^ ).
じゃ、まったね~ !

黒石 Lady Diana 白石


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