Hi guys!! ドキドキ


What's up?? にひひ

I've got a new blog, my solo blog.

I decide to create a new blog because I am like.. Alone to post here えっ

Then, I'll do more activity alone on youtube.

I am working on it!! I've got too much work nee ショック!

But !! I'll continue to post here!! I love this blog ラブラブ The problem is just that now, I can't change it like a "solo blog" ニコニコ

Here my new blog = > http://blog.livedoor.jp/jessichu/

Jaaaaaa 音譜 CHU



Ohaaaaaaaaaaa!! 音譜

(I think it's the morning in Japan? ><) Me it's the time to lunch! チョキ

You can see me on the photo, I take it at the moment yeahh!! It's my new top/ dress (I am so little so. . .)

Do you remember when I was saying that I'll eat Chinese foods? It's done!! It was so yummyyyyy!!
But I hope that I can eat Japanese with her before the end of school which is the 11st June for me.
So yeah, Chinese was really good, I take photo with my phone but I can't show you むっ
But, at the end I was very angry.. The woman at the cafetaria was looking at me and start to shout about me 叫び Yes, she was saying that we must to put our plate for they cleaning, because we were too slow and she wanted to return at her house. But we were 3, and only me OO *shocked*. It's always falling on me ガーン I was laughing in peace and she starts プンプン. And so I reply "Yes, But I am eating, I'll do that after, I have nearly finished." It was right, and 2 seconds after she restarts again えっ. So I go without be mean.. But I don't want, I never want to say her hello with a smile... =='"
I was so angry that I can be angry with my friends あせる and when I am too angry I cry ショック! But not this time! Because I don't want to cry for this rude woman!!!! むかっ...

I think I have already say that I have done my mock exam!! It was too hard ショック!
I had to talk about the 3rd stage on "The Caretaker" of Harold Pinter... In fact I wanted the 2nd stage ガーン But it was not so good because on this I had too much things to explain!! Maybe no no no Sure I've make so much errors on the conjugation and when I heard it I change what I was saying but not all the time... She asks me questions, it was so hard "What is it produce in the person who see this play?" "and here exactly?" "Why he wanted to build a shed?" blablabla... しょぼん I hope my answer was okay... But after that! It is not finished!! You have a unknow document to comment. I was the worst. During the 20min of prerations I had not the time to think about it, and hum what do you want to say about a picture where you can see 3 people in a restaurant, one doing violin and the other who are ringing? So I said "Yes there is a lack of communication, because they call their job which is important" 叫び Too hard!! Other students have some difficult subject.. =(
I know now, when I'll to do my real oral of English: the 8th June. Gambatte ビックリマークダウン

Buttttttttttt!!! I've not say to you????!!!! Why I am so happy???!! Because Morning Musume will come in France YAYYYYYYYYY! 6 years that I am waiting for this! I wanted to cry when I know that しょぼん
Kyaaaaaaaaaa!! I wanted a best seat, but it was really expensive and even if I can pay with the helping of my mother and grandmother.. I love share happiness and so
My last hope is that I can see the scene because seeing people little like me is so rare... But when I see them I am happy haha x)

So, continue with yesterday & yesterday にひひ.アップ


KEIKIII makes by my mother ドキドキ!!
I know someone who will be jealous べーっだ!! It was too yummy! I had eat it in front of the "Lapin Crétin" (A videogame on wii)! I really love this game! When you must doing the music instruments!! Haha I am the best at drum!! I finished victory in front of my father who plays this instrument when he was young にひひ

and yesterday I wanted to finished my video, but find them and make them for that my computer can see it it's taking so long time!!! So I can't I'll try today.. And I have eaten fish & potatoes!! My mum has hear advice of a chef haha!


I'm coming back from my last hours of school for today I am so tired.. Oral of Chinese will be so hard.. あせる

This luchtime I was alone... My friend was not here so I've eat Chinese crisp & Japanese pasta (Teriyaki) & finally a banana ニコニコ

(Haha I'm making チョキ in the mirror)

All is saying:
Japanese pasta ドキドキドキドキ


Haha!! Japanese pasta
are so precious!! It shining!!! (So stupid I am, apologize me 目! But you can learn French word, right?!)


ANYWAY!! Today it is raining !!雨 But I have taken my (a part of) Uni in photo ^.^



True true! Like you can see there is so much trees, this is because our Uni is near/in a forest haha!
One day at the boarding school girls were scary because we hear a wild boar O.O"

Now, I must to go ^.^ See you soon クローバー

ニコニコ Jaa nee!!


CHUUUU キスマーク



ドキドキ KoNnIcHi Wa MiNnA-sAn!! ドキドキ

(I am looking at you hoho!! にひひ )
So how are you? =3

Ah!!! You know today was a "sleepy" day!! I am so tiredぐぅぐぅ!! My eyes burn me, I almost fall on my desk when I was in English ショック! I don't remember of the lesson.. かお
But in Philosophy I was awake! the subject was very interesting! We had talking about Freud and the unconscious!! In all our past we can find all the reason about our acts etc... I'll not bother you with that!! にひひ

I almost had finish my Spanish at 1h am yesterday (or this morning? x) ) but I have 2 hours where it was nothing so I finish... But I was so sad... I failed to my mock exam of Spanish.. I was thinking that it was good but NOT 叫びダウンしょぼん Ahh... too bad...

Also, today the subject in the class was Coeur de Pirate, I'll not said about what in detail they were talking x) but they asking to all people if she find her beautiful.. Most of people said "no".. And they were talking about her voice blabla.. So I wanted to hear to with my ears because furthermore Hiro-kun is fan of her. So I liste... I just don't understan what she is saying O.o She is from Canada, maybe she has got a big accent, people of my classroom said too that she has got a nasal voice, I think it's true but it is strange not in all the songs.. Maybe when she sings loudly it's not the case.. I can conclude by saying that it is not my type of music but I am happy to know who is she because I don't know too much the current singers..

Finally, I wa saying that I'll eat Japanese foods!! アップ But no in fact ダウン!
The restaurant was closed =O Too bad! We were at 14h30 pm and it is just open at 18h ... So we can't.. We were going too with Vii-chan & Thao to a library where Thao buy some mangas! I wanted too buy one but we decide to go to a Chinese restaurant! So we have taken a lot of Chinese foods yummy!!! In 20 minutes I go to eat ニコニコ!! I can't take photo ガーン but I'll try with my phone! Maybe one day I'll show you.

Ahhh! And we don't have again facebook & msn... I don't know if I have already said but tomorrow morning I go to see the person who take responsability for internet, I'll go with Vii-chan! =D Like that if they said "no" I don't will be angry... むかっ

I'll go to eat right know! I'll say to you if it was good べーっだ!!
Jaa nee!