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fun fact ... he is jewish jeje
It's John Cena? Damn, i didn't SEE that coming...!


Every time a movie comes out alongside something big like a Star Wars or Avengers movie people always say that it won't stand a chance against it. The truth is that the big movie will sell out no matter what. There will be lots of families going to see Star Wars together. For many, this may be the only movie they get to see all year because it's expensive to take the whole family to the movies. So when Star Wars sells out the family will need to decide to see something else and it will have to be kid friendly. That's where movies like Ferdinand and Alvin and the Chipmunks come in. The makers of these movies probably know that their movie isn't very good and that they can actually benefit from having their movie as an alternative to Star Wars. They may even make more money than they would have if they didn't have the spillover from Star Wars. Ultimately, Ferdinand is not trying to compete with Star Wars, instead, they are hoping that Star Wars exceeds expectations so that there can be more spillover from Star Wars to Ferdinand..

ok watched it it's about handjobs and a confused kid
Well that escalated quickly. Went from a kids movie to a dark thriller


A 1000 thumbs up from me.


that goat is voiced by Kate mckinnon
i really wanna see that movie btw is it just me or is logan staring in a lot of old themed movies now a days
Where is the main character???
If you haven’t seen this yet and you want to, I must admit that not much happens - unless you listen. The dialogue is rich and the characters are full of independence. Don’t expect much from the scenes like typical romance or typical emotional and dramatic scenes. Expect richness..

Man Lego Batman, Captain Underpants, Despicable Me 3, Smurfs:the lost village, Cars 3, Coco and now this ? This year is gonna be awesome!