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Meet you all the way, meet you all the way, Roseannadanna, yeah


Are we not able to watch all Roseanne Rosannadannas skits???
Higher.... Further.... Faster.... Try to keep UP and I can't Wait
God, I miss this show. SNL was never the same after the original Not Ready For Prime Time Players left..
One of the funniest woman ever
Jane looks like Meg B. Meg was never a beotch until recently. Mr Feder was actually a real guy. Dr. Joyce Brothers was not her real name. Matter of fact she hated the joyce/lynch brothers!.
Don't forget Jane's straight man. Perfect.

This movie is going to under perform. Even if it does well domestically, this style of marketing is proven to fall flat with foreign audiences. Girl Power ≠ China Success

Born 17 years later, never seen this skit, and I've somehow memorized it just by osmosis

Who's waiting for 8th March I'm waiting this day 😆😅

Love,! Gilda... No Buffering

Marvel is unstoppable

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I love her so much! what a great person she s, I believe in the resurrection hope. Matthew 21:3,4 and so many more in the bible! rest in peace! she is just resting tell God wakes her! and he will!😂.


I remember watching the episode. Gilda was great!
Thanos better put his armor back on.
Man I can’t wait to see Godzilla King of the Monsters!


Gilda Radner the funniest women in the history of snl!Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are not in the same ball park.Definition of funny-Gilda.Definition of unfunny-Fey and Poehler..
I was in the 6th grade I asked the teacher if I could be Roserosannadanna. I was a witty kid. It was 1980..
I love Captain Marvel!... They keep calling him “Shazam” for some reason.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I just happened to click on this today, missing Gilda, and having no idea that Roseanne would reminisce about her childhood Thanksgiving in New Jersey!.

0:26 Goosebumps


RIP, love you both!

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this was tragic, gene and her were a perfect couple. and i send out my heart to gene .. we miss her still.


Some people are going to watch this movie, but not us not us.

I lost my best friend for over 38 years to ovarian cancer and it hurts those the survive. I would have died in her place anytime.

Gilda was the best-:) It's enraging to know that the pharmaceutical cartels keep the cures hidden from public view- and away from our favorite people. It didn't have go that way. Check out- Cancer is a fungus . com Dr. T. Simoncini~ Bob Beck - the Beck protocol Run from the cure ~Rick Simpson Cancer tutor .com There are cures- it's a matter of knowing about them and using them. Ever-important is saying no to the dr.s who intimidate~ so that the patient will agree to radiation/ poison. .

Great Memories of an Icon Taken from us way too Soon
Mr. Richard Fader od Ft. Lee, New Jersey again?


I like to picture Gene and Gilda's reunion in Heaven. I like to think they're together again.
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RIP Gilda.
Yikes. Seems like they remade iron man with half the budget. lol
I've been undiagnosed several times for a very serious illness.  Gene had the right to sue some doctors.  Me too.  Women, you need to get checked out every year for illnesses known only to women.  You want to be here for your family. If you are expecting a child and your hair is falling out and experience sudden panic, get a blood test for your thyroid..
Not exited's too cringy for a marvel movie

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This is when snll was actually funny.
It's amazing.... she didn't want to do that Garry Shandling appearance at first, because she thought that no one in the audience would remember who she was. Instead, when she walked out unannounced, the entire audience gave her a standing ovation..

I love how a man wearing the American flag, a guy who can shrink, a team of criminals including a raccoon and a talking tree, and a robot with a glowy rock in his forehead are just fine, but people see this and suddenly think it's cringey. Talking trees are fine, but if a woman takes the lead, we might just have to boycott it? Sit your asses down and deal with your insecurities while we enjoy the movie..