Hachioji Short Film Festival 『ASH』

I love the clear weather after a typhoon has passed台風
I had a shooting in Hachioji カチンコ

Come on over to my house家

There was a fantastic log-house キラキラ

I felt relaxed ラブラブ


But my scenes were heavy...タラー

I can’t talk about story here yetアセアセ
I hope you will be looking forward to
the screening in Hachioji Short Film Festivalルンルン
The shooting continuesカメラ
Please check it out グッ
There is Hachioji Short Film festival in  December 2.

Thank you for your reading my blogお願い

『ASH』Now Shooting !

Hi, there ニコニコ
It was sunny day 晴れ

There was a pure blue sky 音符

I had a shooting in Hachiojiカチンコ
Title is “ASH”

Directed by Teppei Isobe.
He won an award at
SKIP city international cinema filmfestival お年玉

Written by Kazuo Nagai.
I like his story ラブ

They have a good synergy グッ

My role is a mother 合格
She only has a son.

Look forward to the continuation 〜ニヤニヤ
Please check it out アップ
Hello, my friend ニコニコ
How are you doing today 晴れ

I have newsひらめき電球
Do you know Cannes international film festival ?
Some years ago...
My work 『Happoen』was nominated キラキラ

We have a screening on 12th Octウインク
Be carful上差し  It’s reservation-only.
Please check it out !!

Thank you for reading my blog ラブラブ

Hi,there おねがい
I feel that autumn has come イチョウ

By the way !

I support  “Airswimming”.
Megumi Sekine is going to appear in theater演劇

She is like a daughter to me.
I support her performance グッ

Please check it out website テレビ

She introduced me ラブ

Thank you for reading my blog もみじ