Hi there ラブラブ
Long long loooooooong time no see💧💧💧
Sorry... I couldn’t write my blog 😢
Because... I’m struggling  to live ... 💦

But I have good one グッ

I had a film shooting yesterday ウインク

My role is mother ウインク

I hope you will like it ルンルン

Thank you for reading my blog ラブラブ
See you soon バイバイ

Hi there😀
Long long time no see💦
How’ve you been ❓
I’m good 👍

Now, let’s see👀

I have a new ✨

We have a screening 20th Sep. - 3rd Oct.

『Acceleration Map』directed by Umi Ishiharaラブラブ

You can watch trailer in here 下差し

I’m a painter in this movie 🎥 

I think the movie is really nice キラキラ

If you have time , please come watch 下差し

Thank you for reading my blog ルンルン

See you soon バイバイ

Hello friends ニコニコ
I have big news アップ

Do you remember my movie “The Garden Apartment ”はてなマーク
I played main character Kyoko in that.

And finally... キラキラ
“The Garden Apartment” was available in DVDルンルン
You can buy it from Amazon or tower records 映画

If you haven’t watched that please check it out 下差し

Thank you for reading my blog 笑い泣き
See you soon バイバイ

Hello friends !!

Long time no see 笑い泣き
I really sorry...l couldn’t write my blog...
I was little bit downもやもや

But I’m back グッ

Because I have a very important information キラキラ

Movie”STEP” Now Showing !!

You know Movie “ STEP ” , isn’t it ?
I told you before in Takeshita Festibal ルンルン
If you didn’t read last my blog, you should read it アセアセ
Because it’s very important thing for me...

 I knew usual was that wasn’t usual...
When you watch this movie, I think that you notice about it.

Thank you for reading my blog ハート
And I always appreciate to your support バイバイ

Hi there!!

How's going?

I'm so goodグッ





I'm going to announce the closing movie of  Takeshita Festival キラキラ


The movie is...



『Step』(Directed by Ken Iizuka) It was filmed in May 2019.


①Coming Soon

③Grand grandmother

④Due to the coronavirus, the showing of the “Step” has been postponed, but I had decided that this film will fit perfect as the closing movie right from the begining. 

Unexpectedly, I opened the Takeshita Festival when the Japanese govermend declared the state of emargency. So by the time my film festival ended, I was hoping we've stamped out the coronavirus crisis.  That's why I had to inform you with the release date anew and offer my utmost support for the film crews I worked with.

Involved in this movie, I keenly felt my immaturity.  But at the same time,  I would like to use this precious and unforgettable experience to grow as an actor and try to bring a new step into my acting carear.

That is a special and significant movie for meキラキラ



下差しclick here下差し


PC『Step』 Official Website







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