Hi thereニコニコ

Did you watch “What do you do,Ieyasu?”

I watched that,however it was a short…

Can you watch me 滝汗

But I’ll do my best 飛び出すハート

Look forward to it グーグーグー

Thank you for reading my blog お願い

See you soon バイバイ

A Happy New Year✨

Have a nice holiday ❓

I spend good time 飛び出すハート

❤️To all of you who always support me❤️

Thank you for your support during the past year✨

I will continue to work sincerely in my roles and devote myself to being a voice for others.

I will continue to be free and spontaneous in my own wayアップ

May the world be at peace🙏

I look forward to working with you again this yearキスマーク