Hi there ルンルン

How’s it going ?
I have good  news キラキラ
I’m delighted to announce that the short film『Natsuko』was nominated for the Glasgow Short Film Festival 花火

It was such an honor to be part of the movie and play the leading feminine role.

I’m looking forward to The Glasgow Short Film Festival ✨



Director filmography: First film

Director: Shuna Iijima

Cast: Kaori Takeshita

Cinematographer and music: Sam King

1st AC: Thomas Beswick

Sound Recordist: Steven LeFever

Editor: Rim Fyend

Sound Mixer: Rob Mayes

Colourist: John Donica

Country: Japan

Year: 2020

Duration: 15 min

World Premiere

Hi there おねがい

It snowed yesterday 雪だるま
Did you see that ?

By the way …
We have a news上差し


【Shinjuku K’s cinema】

3/1(月) 19:00-

3/9(火) 19:00-

4/6(火) 19:00-

4/13(火) 19:00-

【Uplink Kichijoji】

3/16(火) 18:00-

3/25(木) 18:00-

We are “program C”

【CHARGE 】1500yen / repeater 1200yen

Check it out 下差し

Please come watch ラブ
We’re looking forward to seeing you ラブラブ

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Hello there おねがい
How’s it going ?
It’s cold today ギザギザ
We would like to give our sincere thanks to all of you who supported our project ラブ

We appreciate your help to reach  our goal キラキラ

We're currently in the process of film editing  and looking  forward to deliver the movie to all of you ラブラブ
I’ll do my best from now on グッ
Thank you for reading my blog ちゅー
Take care  and see you soon バイバイ