『SAYOUNARA 』The stage greeting

Hi allニコニコ


I have a news上差し
“SAYOUNARA” is starting to screening tomorrow ルンルン
I’m going to stand on the stage greeting アップ
Please come to the theater キラキラ
I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow ラブラブ

【MOOSIC LAB 2018“SAYOUNARA ”Time Schedule 】

11/20(火) 21:10~Shinjuku K’s cinema
11/25(日) 19:00~Shinjuku K’s cinema
11/30(金) 21:10~Shinjuku K’s cinema
12/11(火) 18:20~Shibuya UP LINK
12/12(水) 21:10~Shinjuku K’s cinema

Autumn - leaf viewing

Hi there おねがい
It was fine day, today 晴れ

A few days ago...
I went to Chichibu for the autumn-leaf viewing 紅葉
The autumn leaves were illuminated in lightsひらめき電球

It was very beautiful キラキラ
There were red , yellow and green leaves ラブラブ

I saw that autumn leaves were illuminated in lights for the first time ルンルン
I want to come back here again 走る人

Thank you for reading my blog 本

Come on, Do The Locomotion with me !

Hi friends ニコニコ
It’s cloudy today くもり

By the way...
I’m off today ラブ

When I’m at home , 
I often listen to my favorite DVD ルンルン

I listened to this DVD many times ラブラブ

When I went to a musical “Beautiful”
 in New York last year,
I bought this DVDグッ

My favorite song is “THE LOCOMOTION” in thatOK

A chorus of the song is 
“come on , come on, do the locomotion with me”音符

I sing and dance with music アップ
Please listen キスマーク

Thank you for reading my blog 口笛
See you soon バイバイ

Hello friends ラブ

I have a news 上差し
I appeared to “SAYOUNARA”
Directed by Yuho Ishibashi.
I played a role of mother 合格

サーフィンInformation スノボ



11月20日(火) 21:10~新宿K’s cinema

11月25日(日) 19:00~新宿K’s cinema

11月30日(金) 21:10~新宿K’s cinema

12月11日(火) 18:20~渋谷UP LINK

12月12日(水) 21:10~新宿K’s cinema

Im looking forward to see you ハート

Thank you for reading my blog ラブラブ