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The screening of "Her story of love "(directed by Candis Mana Ohno) in theaters has endedカチンコ

Thank you for coming to watch, for your support,for caring ラブラブ

I’m happy that the movie is loved by so many people キラキラ

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with director Candis Mana Ohno

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Short movie 『MaTcH』
written & directed by Masaki Katsuyama

will be screened at the Japan Film Festival Los Angeles 2022✨

I played mother in that 飛び出すハート

When we had the shooting, a few blue impulses flew in the sky because it was the Olympic opening ceremony …💧

Keisuke Shiba 
Kaori Takeshita 
Mamori Tsukamoto 
Hazuki Nishizuka 
Kairi & Tomoe Fukumoto 

Cinematographer: Hironori Ito 
Camera assistant : Minoru Yamazaki 
Sound recordist: Ayu Kitano 
Music: Motomu Ito
Production: Kenichiro Tanaka 

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