Aki Matsuri (Autumn Frestival)


Autumn festivals are held throughout

Japan, most celebrated to either 

pray for a good harvest or to 

celebrate the local Shinto gods.


In the autumn harvest festivals are held, 

and the first fruits of the paddy field are 

offered to the gods.


In rural villages the entire community

celebrates this autumn festival, and 

in many places mikoshi (a portable

shrine carrying symbolic gods) 

are paraded through the streets. 

At the Imperial Palace the Emperor fulfills

the role of presenting offerings of new

grain and produce to the gods.


A long time ago in Japan, the new

autumn rice harvest could not be eaten

until the festival was over in honor of 

the rice spirit. 


Now that day is a national holiday and 

it takes place on November 23. 

The name of the festival has also been 

changed to Labor Thanksgiving Day.