Thank you very much for seeing the blogs of availability!


In this blog, we will keep you informed of times over the next two days when you can book a massage.

Please refer to this blog so you can make a reservation.


On Wednesday June 3

Massage available for 1 person

from 10am ~ 7pm


On Thursday June 4

Massage available for 1 person

from 10am ~ 6:30pm

 Massage available for 2 people

from 10am ~ 1pm


Recently it is very rare to have bookings available for 2 people at the same time.


Please take this opportunity!


Come massage away the tiredness as a couple!


 The current reservation status may change at any moment.

We apologize if your desired time is taken.


We can also visit your hotel to perform the massage! (Applies to hotels near Shibuya, Aoyama, Azabu, Akasaka, Meguro)

We can even take late bookings!



Feel free to ask us about any physical pain or disorder including stiff shoulder, eyestrain, lower back pain or sciatic nerve pain.

We will help you solve your physical problems. 

We will also explain how to deal with such issues by yourself.


Pregnancy massage is also available.


 In this cold season we have warm bed sheets for you. Let's raise body temperature and improve immunity by synergistic effect with massage.


Even if cannot find a convenient time on this blog,


Available time slots often open up due to cancellations.


Even if it is not possible to accommodate two people together at the same time, 


we can find sequential openings one after the other that may work.


We hope you can work with us to find a solution.


We will do our best to accommodate your request, so please feel free to contact us.


Please also contact us if you would like to know about availability for dates not stated here.

We can receive reservations a month in advance.


For inquiries click the link below


Or, please contact the salon via email directly.


We will do our best to relieve your tiredness from your trip and ensure you have wonderful memories of Japan!


Thank you.