Most of the machines can perform their tasks well without much noise. Individuals may be surprised that these washers can be used for cleaning heavier laundry like jeans, upholstery, etc, and also most delicate clothing as well. There are certain pros and cons on each of these washing and drying units. At the end, the consumers have to decide on which defines their priorities and fulfill their requirements and based on this they need to finally make the purchase. There is actually no need of spending huge on setting up electricity connection and water faucets. Now, people have the freedom to opt for even portable washing machines that combine both the function of washing and drying laundry in a single compact unit. Most of these tiny washer dyers are designed with multiple options for load size, temperature settings, wide choice of washing and drying cycles, which are available with full sized washers. There are different types of portable washers, which include front loading machines, top loading machines, twin stackable washers and dryers and the two drum semi auto and fully automatic portable washer machines. These portable machines consume very little amount of water as compared to big sized washers. These portable washers and dryers are very much energy efficient and thus it can save thousands of dollars on electricity bills every year. These portable washers can be installed even under the cabinets if they are not too loaded. Most often, these portable washing machines and dryers are designed with wheels, enabling the users to move them from one corner to another quite conveniently. Most of these portable washers can be placed in small rooms conveniently and being portable, it allows the users to place them anywhere in their homes. Some of the models which come with stackable washer and dryer are expensive, but other models are quite cheaper than single washing machines and dryer machines combined. A small family with one or two members can save gallons of water every year using these portable washing machines. There are several companies that have ventured into designing portable washer machines and the increasing sales, indicate their huge popularity on the home appliances market. The latest models are designed with higher spin cycles, ensuring that clothes are completely dry and reducing the spinning time thereby saving energy. Most of the portable washers come with regular house outlet, thereby eliminating the need for fixing a separate hose pipe for drawing out dirty water out of the unit. They can carry these washers with them wherever they go, and they would not have to worry about cleaning their soiled linen after coming back home.. This allows the consumers to have good option when they have to travel places most of the month. The days are gone, when people had to invest in separate washer and dryer units for their home laundry. There are many advantages of portable washing machines. Individuals can wheel these washers to the nearest available water faucets or power supply and shift them to suitable location when not in use. The portable washing machines are as efficient as their full sized counterparts. As they are compact in size, they can be conveniently shifted and even used at outdoors. They can be placed inside baby apartments and other small family residence facilities, with limited space area.