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The “criminall justice system.... because CRIMINALS are running the damn system! I hope everyone envolved in this case goes straight to hell! Maybe even penny? (She deserves something) not to mention, over 50% of ALL eye witness crimes that lead to a conviction, eventually get overturned by DNA evidence! Now think about that for a minute.....
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Now I'm off to go google this so I can find out what happened.
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For the past 48 hours, I have been speaking with a rather distasteful person about this case. This person has been spouting numerous claims and stating opinions as though they are fact. I know some people are grossly unintelligent and biased, but we really do need to set the record straight for those who do not know the details of this case. For those who claim that Knox is guilty, take a seat. Its lesson time. In the days following the murder of Meredith Kercher, Knox and Sollecito were called down to the police station, questioned and harassed. When they were unable to get the answers that they wanted, authorities began to get desperate. In this act of desperation, they turned to a much more unethical series of interrogations. Which by the way, resulted in both questioning their memory and changing their story. Under scrutiny, Sollecito finally admits that MAYBE it would have been possible for Knox to have left his apartment in the middle of the night while he slept. Authorities then pressured Knox to imagine what had happened if she was there. She then stated she had a vision in her head that involved her boss at work, Patrick Lumumba, killing Kercher and Knox witnessing it with her hands over her ears screaming. This sudden admittance was the result of interrogators actually physically assaulting her while being verbally abusive. She requested a lawyer, and was refuse. She requested an independent translator. Denied. After 13 hours of interrogation, Knox signed two statements indicating her involvement in the crime and was arrested and jailed. Sollecito was also arrested and jailed. Authorities arrested Lumumba as well and took two weeks to release him based on a rock solid alibi. After the (compromised) crime scene was dusted for fingerprints, only one print on a water glass in the kitchen was identified as belonging to Amanda. (Thank you) Investigators discovered a bloody palm print found on the pillow under the victim. This was identified as belonging to Rudy Guede, drifter with a history of theft, break-ins and partying with local college girls. He had just recently met Kercher at a party in the basement of the cottage where Knox and Kercher lived. Five Nike shoe prints were found in blood around the body and leading out the front door and one bloody barefoot imprint on the bathmat in the shared bathroom. Amanda doesn’t wear Nikes, and neither did Sollecito. The shoeprints in Kercher’s bedroom were identified as belonging to none other than Rudy Guede. Enormous amounts of blood at the scene and tracked throughout the residence resulted in extensive DNA analysis being conducted. Rudy Guede’s DNA was found mixed with Meredith’s blood on her purse, sweatshirt, turds found in the toilet, as well as INSIDE Kercher. Even if it still isn’t obvious, the scenario of Knox being there can’t even be contemplated. The crime scene was compromised as soon as the police arrived. Several individuals tried to open Meredith’s door and two officers entered the room without proper clothing and gloves to prevent contamination. Later evaluation of a video taken during processing of the crime scene proved items such as the bloody boots and purse had been moved, items had been shoved around creating new bloodstains, and the blanket had been removed from the victim without gloves. It was also later determined that investigators moved the nightstand by the bed covering a bloodstain crucial to the reconstruction of the crime. When bloodstains didn’t match up with items at the scene such as the purse on the bed and the bloody boots, investigators claimed the killer engaged in scene staging after the murder. The bra clip collected weeks after the initial crime scene search was handled by several different police investigators before finally being bagged as evidence. Forensic analysis by Stefanoni would have been thrown out in a United States courtroom. Her lab wasn’t even equipped or certified to conduct traditional DNA analysis much less TOUCH DNA analysis better known as Low Copy DNA Profiling. The knife she tested from Sollecito’s kitchen tested negative for blood, however, was determined to have been bleached. That result was later refuted when the substance on the knife was actually identified as potato starch. The knife was also determined to have been too large to have created two of the three wounds in Kercher’s neck and also too large to have left the impression in blood on the bed sheet at the crime scene. It is important to emphasize here that not a trace of Amanda Knox’s DNA or fingerprints were located in Meredith’s bedroom where the crime occurred. The mixture of DNA from the bathroom could have easily been the result of trace amounts of Knox’s DNA being spread throughout the bathroom during daily use and Kercher’s blood being mixed when investigators swabbed the area. The only indication that Amanda’s boyfriend was present in the cottage was a trace amount of Sollecito’s DNA on the bra clip that could have been transferred from other areas of the cottage such as Kercher’s door to investigators gloves. Another crucial error by Stefanoni was not taking a body temperature reading of the victim on November 2 when she was found. Determining time of death could only be estimated at 8PM – 4AM due to the forensic expert neglecting to take the victim’s temperature when she was originally found. If she had completed her job properly and taken a temperature reading before November 3rd, the data may have cleared Knox and Sollecito because they were seen at his apartment at 8:45 PM. AND FINALLYYYY… Sollecito’s computer showed activity at 9:10 PM. Sorry, skeptics. Amanda Knox and Raffele Sollecito simply did not commit this crime. Many people argue that she is guilty for not having stopped said crime. However, the evidence shows that she was absolutely not present at the time of the murder. For anyone who still says Amanda Knox is guilty after the irrefutable evidence that is in front of your face… You are just flat out retarded, and I feel sorry for your ridiculously small brain..

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How were the roommate, boyfriend, and friend of Halbach not questioned?

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