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This was so amazing

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There is no Queen of England as such. she is Queen of the UK - which is made up of 4 countries: Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

rose goldsen

grande filme oh mano melhor que ja vi

I love both movie and the book, but it hurts so much just thinking about it, because all I can picture in my mind is me being loved by my best friend. I am so in love with him that each time he does something that makes me believe that there is a chance that we will eventually end up together I'm floating above the ground and each time he does something that makes me lose this faith I'm falling apart. Being friends with him is both wonderful and horrible. But it's better to spend my life standing on the porch of haven than live without him, right? Deep down I know he'll never love me. He may be gay actually..

btw watching the taekwondo ice skater switching foot stance gave me hwoarang ptsds. nail polish wow hair edition
I couldnt decide between Will and Clary (me before you) or Finnick and Clarey👌👌😂
100% sure that bird at 0:22 is Raven.
I love the guy that plays Tim Cook. He's hilarious.
Who was te gurl yang was looking for? ~ dress
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Okay, I had to slow down the footsies part... I know yang blocked the double roundhouse, but both of them were in an open stance, meaning, she must've felt something getting hit with two direct kicks to the mid... Okay, tae Kwon do brains off... Maaaan, that part, in itself, yang didn't even block the two kicks, she stuck to her fighting stance... Uggggggh Also, maybe this is just cuz I kinda suck at doing this, but, a flamingo 2x roundhouse, wait, no, that makes sense, you can go from a flamingo round to axe kick, though, maybe I'm thinking too much on this... Ugh....


Oh damn, I just noticed that as Yang was walking towards the club, a raven flew by
Oh, I'm a top I nearly died
Autumn Sonata
how is this guy able to still walk after having his balls crushed?!?! XD

I frickin Love 💛Yang💛😄! The combat in RWBY is awesome! price
thanks for bringing me here jungkookie
So basically; One Day, Wicker Park and The Note Book had a baby and called her 'Love Rosie'...?
He is too handsome. Painfully handsome.


That bit at the end of the trailer gets me in my feels. Such powerful acting. This movie is great. comforter

Gahhh that ending quote hit home <3
Rose.golden globes
Who was yang looking for was it blake? diamond ring
rose goldelse
Anyone wish that they would remake the 4 trailers with the new animation style???
4:47 Yang is like swigdy swogity, I'm coming for dat booty
rose goldfinch
Two of my favourite actors in one movie. Sounds good to me.
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No matter where you are or who you are with I will always truly and completely love you ❤️😌
I like to start off my semesters with a Yang!