A casino bonus is when an online casino offers players something extra. This can take the shape of free spins, deposit matching in bonus cash or on-site currency, and others. Casinos can offer bonuses as part of a welcome package or as part of specific promotions.
Every casino bonus is awarded subject to the player's understanding and accepting a set of terms and conditions. These will determine the wagering requirements and any restrictions placed on the casino bonus and all its component parts.
Players can choose whether or not to claim a bonus and can opt out or in, as the case may be.
A welcome bonus is one or more bonuses awarded to new players when they first deposit at an online casino. This might apply to just the first deposit, but it can stretch over several consecutive deposits.
Players may be awarded a bonus match of their deposit, which will increase their bankroll by a set percentage and up to a specified limit. Online casinos will display their welcome bonuses prominently, however it is in a player’s interest to read the fine print in the terms and conditions to find out the details.

Not necessarily. Accepting a casino bonus depends on a number of factors, not least personal preference as well as the player’s bank roll. Some might not be a fan of the wagering requirements and prefer to play with their own money.

Casinos bonuses can be a fun way to play longer with, but some players may not like having their money tied down by wagering requirements. Online casinos should always give the option to opt-out of bonuses and a casino’s customer support service should be able to give you more information on this if it is not immediately clear.

What are free spins?

Free spins are turns you can take on slot games without having to wager real money. Free spins are often awarded to players by online casinos running promotions or as part of a welcome bonus.

Free spins are subject to specific terms and conditions, and most casinos make it a point to make these restrictions clear. Often, free spins are subject to specific wagering requirements and may be time-sensitive i.e. they must be redeemed within a fixed period of time or the spins are no longer considered valid.

How do I obtain a casino bonus?

An online casino will show players how a bonus can be claimed. A welcome bonus, for example, can be awarded when a player signs up or when they make their first ever deposit at that casino.

If a bonus is part of a promotion, the casino may set different criteria. Opting in may simply be a matter of contacting player support or clicking a button. It may involve performing certain actions, such as wagering a specified amount on a particular slot game.

Finding out about the latest casino promotions and bonuses is easy. Simply visit our Blog to stay up to date on new available bonuses and what you need to do to claim them.

How often can I receive a casino bonus?

With a few exceptions, players can only claim a casino bonus once. Online casinos will state how often a bonus can be claimed, particularly when it is part of an ongoing promotional campaign. However, players should assume that a bonus can only be claimed once, unless otherwise stated.

Referral bonuses, for example, may not have a limit or may be claimed several times. It is always a good idea to read the bonus terms to be certain of the casino’s policy.

Can I withdraw a casino bonus?

Yes, a casino bonus can be withdrawn when a player finished all the conditions of the wagering requirements. When the player won the games and saved up money and the wagering requirements have been finalized, you are able to withdraw your winnings.

How do you recognize a good bonus offer in an online casino?

A good bonus offer should fit your playing style and the way you would like to utilize your bonus.

A bonus match will increase the amount of funds you can play with. Free spins allow you to spin specific slots for free. A no-deposit bonus will kickstart your gameplay.

All bonuses are subject to terms and conditions and most are also bound by wagering requirements. It is important that you, as the player, know what you can and cannot do with a bonus so it is up to you to stay informed.

What are casino bonus codes?

Bonus codes are unique strings of characters that ‘unlock’ specific bonuses when used at specific online casinos.

These codes are usually inputted right before a deposit is made, thus opting in to a bonus. Codes may be exclusively available from one source or widely available from many sources. They can be used to unlock unique bonuses or to trigger a welcome bonus or other promotional bonus.

Where can I find a live casino bonus?

You will notice that many casino bonuses focus onslot and table games – these restrictions can be found in the terms and conditions. However, some casinos offer live casino bonuses specifically, particularly when they have a large selection of live games available.

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Is there a no deposit bonus for iPhone?

Most online casinos nowadays are mobile-friendly, which means that players can sign up and play on any device they like. Many casinos do not differentiate between players who sign up via desktop and those who sign up via mobile, so if a no-deposit bonus is offered, you will receive it no matter which method you use.

Casinos can choose to offer a different no deposit bonus for mobile users and you should reads the bonus terms and conditions to find out if this is right for you.

Is there a free casino bonus without deposit?

Some casinos offer what is called a no deposit bonus, which is a bonus that is awarded to new players when they sign up for an account. You do not need to make a deposit to claim this bonus and it can take the form of bonus cash or bonus spins.