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P2p The Choice dfiles




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“Where’s your home?” “With my dad.”

Every bit of this movie carried me away... And when in the end her father says We don't change people, we love them .... I realized we all end up screwing our relations and emotions just because we want to change everyone and everything around instead of focusing on 'just loving them'... ... Not always a happy ending but this is reality... The real world doesn't have happy ending. Always..

Lol, well what's the point of seeing the movie now when they showed the whole plot in the movie ???


full black cast ya because french Montana is black forgot lol

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the choice dvd

Looks like someone wrote an idea on a napkin and thought that it could be a movie script..


I have got to see this!

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Ben Foster is one underrated actor

Even though the women in this are drop-dead gorgeous, I think I'm going to pass on this one.


The whole as soon as I get done having sex I lose interest line came directly from the movie Boomerang nice try LOL.

the choice 2015 film

Y'all hating a lot it's going 😒to be a Great movie ☺️.

Why Cassie ??? Was so many other beautiful women in this film ..


Tywin is Daenerises father-in-law lol.

What are the release dates for The Choice - 2008

This reminds me a bit of the movie, Captain Fantastic. Too bad the govt. can't mind their own business and let us live free from societal bondage if we so choose..

The actor from lone survivor..

Where is alyssa McKay I’m watching this only to see her
I'm like stupid in our room because I can't stop myself from crying and falling inlove with this film. It reminds me of A Walk To Remember..
Where is rose located after making the choice of love
what happened to great black dramas and romance like Love Jones, Jason's Lyric, Lean on Me, and The pursuit of happiness.



Killing Diaz
I just finished the book and I am actually sobbing I can't imagine how much pain I'm gonna be in when I see this😂

the choice imdb
You are actually quite a bit ahead of where you NEED TO BE. This is why the United States is behind, it is true too.


WAIT!! Is that Brandy? WAIT!! That's Cassie? AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!
best movie

Expecting Jorah to appear in the middle of the movie : I found the cure Khaleesi

the choice movie trailer


where can I watch this movie online?
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The+choice awards 2014
Worst movie I've ever seen.
Forever my favorite movie❤️ I wrote my college film paper on this movie and got a 100/100 on it! this movie not only taught me how to live my life to fullest, but also helped me get my degree❤️.
well to live in the woods seems interesting and really cool, im gonna try it soon but just alone, dont want people think that im a psycho, it is tough living with a girl child than a boy child, all filthy ideas floak into people;s minds, but these days you cant trust a man staying in the woods with a little girl, the police are doing what us right for sure.

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I saw a documentary about PTSD and that was interesting, touching and informative. As a movie, with entertainment in mind, LEAVE NO TRACE is incredible boring..
I liked Ben Foster in 30 days of night. Looks like a good movie. I have it but haven't watched it yet.

What is the choice called to separate oneself from God
Factors that affect the choice of Span of control
I'm going to Watch this🙏
The best movie I have ever seen😍...this movie changed my mind❤️you most to see it....
When I read the novel, I imagined Will's appearance to be like this!😂😍😘
1:53 tears successfully jerked :_)

What is the Choice of a database

What are the release dates for The Choice - 2007

This is kinda like August Moon

What is the choice you give up when you choose
Jesus Christ Ben deserves an Oscar just for his acting in this trailer alone
I love this movie
Oh Honey & Ed's song really suits to this movie <3, Sam Claflin & Emilia Clarke!!!

watching it just because the hotties ...

Terence is an awesome TV personality but I just don't see him as an actor. I know some people want to explore different careers but he should stick with hosting and maybe some cameos..
the choice film
It was boring
Captain Fantastic!!!


the choice russell roberts
What does the poem "The Choice" by Dorothy Parker mean?
1. Too many characters/Actors 2. Poor soundtrack 3. The story is too simple/boring
Watched it today. It deserves 8/10.
I just finished reading the book. I CRIED SO HARD I can't believed it
the choice the movie
I can not stop thinking about this film....The ending scene was so heartbreaking