the final days


Today was our trick day at school...

(I don't know what it's called in English but

you do a trick to teachers shortly before

the graduation ceremony)

It was sooooo fun. We really enjoyed it ラブラブ

Tomorrow will be the graduation ceremony and

the last party 音譜 I'm so excited but I think I'm more

excited about Saturday -> PROOOOOOM!!!!! ワンピースサンダル

It's somehow sad although I always said that I hate

that school.....

tidy up!


I had the feeling that the last time I cleaned my
room was ages ago so this weekend I had more
or less the time to clean up.

It looks slightly different then before....
I like it. It looks emptier....maybe it's just me
because I know that I removed all my school
papers and books.... who knows....

Billy Talent


I loved Billy Talent's songs before especially SURRENDER
has a special meaning to me but this live from
ROCK AM RING 2009 ( last weekend) is beyond amazing!!!

My heart was racing like crazy and at the same time it
nearly stopped beating.ラブラブ

This is one of the best live performances I had seen
so far I guess. You believe every word Ben sings is true.
The FEELING is just there....not only for the
vocal but also for the rest of the band.

Ian's guitar skills are awesome and so full of feeling
and passion....and I like his background vocal.

I never heard TRY HONESTY before but I fell in love with
it instantly!!! Such a powerful wake-up-and-do-something-song
(at least I feel that way).

The little MC Ben makes is so touching and just HONEST!!!
One million sympathy points!!!!! べーっだ!