Every action has its meaning or done with an intention.

I am feeling that these days.

Especially, politicians act based on personal or national profits.

It's the same to reporters.

Almost all the reporters force someone to answer something about their concerns.

Any question is done with their intentions to make original news or reports.

Of course, asked persons answer anything with their intentions to make them seen better or help themselves, basically.

Our world is based on intentions.




Today I helped the international student of my laboratory make a power point and consider what to speak in her speech because she had to read a paper at an annual symposium.

We carried out the rehearsal of her presentation for the appointed day because the appointed day was tomorrow and we had no choice but to do rehearsal today.

This is her first time to present the results of her research.

She would feel strained before and during her speech, probably.

I wish this experience could help her in the future.

All I can do for her tomorrow is cheer her.


Nice trip


I went to Tokyo and Yokohama last weekend as I had said before.

It was really nice trip for me and my girlfriend!

We enjoyed riding attractions in Tokyo Disney Land.

It was my second time to go there and was as good as the first time.

We could meet the friend who were working as a part-time worker of the restaurant there.

Yokohama was good place, too.

We went to Tokohama Chinatown and ate special lunch.

It was delicious, espacially dessert called annindofu.

We took many pictures and could made good memories.

I wanna go to many places with my sweetheart in the future.


Disney land


I am very sorry for not having renewed this blog.

I have to inform everyone who checks this blog despite my absence on my last TOEIC score, at first.

The score was 865, including 420 in listening sections and 445 in reading ones.

And the my vocabulary, which means the number of words I checked and probably memorized, was about 1300 and the listening time in total was about 160 hours at that time.

I hope my TOEIC diary can help someone make a plan to study and get an excellent result.

Second, I would like to tell about my activity of getting a job.

Fortunately, I could get a job and I am supposed to work from next year.

I have learned various things which maybe make my life better in the future.

I recommend someone to search your job this year or next year that you should get in touch with various things before your job hunting activities.

Finally, I would like to introduce my recent life.

I will go to Tokyo Disney land this weekend with my sweetheart.

I have not had a chance to meet with her for a month because she started to work this year and had to live in the place far from the city I lived in.

Therefore, I am looking forward to our trip to an amusement park!

We will also visit Yokohama, for the first time in my life, is famous for its Chinatown called Chukagai in Japan.

We have a plan to eat Chinese food there, of course.

I have many things that I wanna do during this travel in my mind.

Probably I will tell you on my trip.

Get up


I have not renewed this site for two weeks because I have been in a bad condition.

The bad condition means not only physical problem but also mental one.

I had many things in my mind and thought I should take a rest.

During the blank period, I read many books.

Most of them were on economics.

The reason why I read those books was I wanted to know economics further, of course.

But I also expected another effect.

The effect was broadening my point of view.

I want to review myself from several different view points...

It is difficult to express my feeling by means of a written language.

All I can say now is resume renewing this site, and please take care of this blog!