Many people believe that technology is replacing face to face communication with mobile phones and Internet chats. Some believe that this trend disproportionately affects the teenagers, leaving them isolated and lonely. But does this phenomenon exist in real life?

Though we can't deny that technology has side effects, we can't blame it for all social problems. When we were children, we could communicate freely with our parents and friends, but when we grow into teenagers, a generation gap appears between us and our parents. Moreover, we began to withhold our secrets from our friends for fear of what they would think. It appears that puberty separates us from friends and our fear of the misunderstanding from our parents produces the generation gap, but in fact it is our anxiety that increases our loneliness.

But how? When we are growing, we became more and more social. Living in a fiercely competitive society makes us sophisticated. Many people, even our friends, may sacrifice us in order to seek their own interests, which hurts us and produces distance. So, we try not to share all of our thoughts with them. In order to protect ourselves from being cheated, we seek solitude to create room for ourselves. That's why we get lonelier and lonelier.

As far as I am concerned, we need to be sincerer to our friends so that we can be closer and dispel loneliness. It's just like a house - with windows and doors closed, it's dark; but when you open them, sunshine comes in and darkness is gone.

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