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At most refuges youll be lent a pair of slippers to wear inside, as youll be requested to take off your walking boots at the door, so if youre particular you may want to bring some light plastic flip flops of your own. I did bring pyjamas but I didnt use them as the sleeping arrangements were communal and I also felt quite cold, so I just slept in my refuge clothes. Youll want to make sure that any toiletries you bring are very small and light and you may want to consider multi-purpose items such as soap/shampoo or creams. I took a light technical towel that dried quickly and a sheet sleeping bag which youll need as you will just be provided with blankets and a pillow. If youre really cutting down on clothes, youll want to wash out T-shirts and underwear when you arrive, so anything that will dry quickly is best. Who should NOT take Lumigan? A Little Love by The A-Bones They talked together the whole night.
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