Arc Rise Fantasia - Arm Force Translation | 氷の家


<能力値系 Stat Type>

HP上昇 HP Up
- HP+100

HP上昇2 HP Up 2
- HP+500

HP上昇3 HP Up 3
- HP+2000

上昇 ATK Up
- ATK+2

ATK上昇2 ATK Up 2
- ATK+5

ATK上昇3 ATK Up 3
- ATK+15, DEF-15

- DEF+15, ATK-15

- MGC+2

MGC上昇2 MGC Up 2
- MGC+5

MGC上昇3 MGC Up 3
- MGC+15, RES-15

上昇 RES Up
- RES+15, MGC-15

上昇 SPD Up
- SPD+2

上昇2 SPD Up 2
- SPD+15

上昇 LUK Up
- LUK+10

上昇 Basic AP Up
- AP+1 (Basis)

上昇 Restorative AP Up
- AP+1 (Recovery)

幸運 Fortune
- Base LUK Becomes 50 When Battle Starts

SP固定25 SP Fixed At 25
- SP Becomes 25 When Battle Starts

SP固定50 SP Fixed At 50
SP Becomes 50 When Battle Starts


<付加効果系 Additional Effect Type>

火属性付加 Add Fire Element
- Attach Fire Element To Physical Attacks

水属性付加 Add Water Element
Attach Water Element To Physical Attacks

風属性付加 Add Wind Element
Attach Wind Element To Physical Attacks

土属性付加 Add Earth Element
Attach Earth Element To Physical Attacks

混乱付加 Add Charm
- Chances To Add Charm To Physical Attacks

猛毒付加 Add Poison
Chances To Add Poison To Physical Attacks

静寂付加 Add Silence
Chances To Add Silence To Physical Attacks

石化付加 Add Stone
Chances To Add Stone To Physical Attacks

足止め付加 Add Bind
Chances To Add Bind To Physical Attacks

麻痺付加 Add Paralyze
Chances To Add Paralyze To Physical Attacks

病気付加 Add Sick
Chances To Add Sick To Physical Attacks

睡眠付加 Add Sleep
Chances To Add Sleep To Physical Attacks

ATKダウン ATK Down
Chances To Add ATK Down To Physical Attacks

DEFダウン DEF Down
Chances To Add DEF Down To Physical Attacks

MGCダウン MGC Down
Chances To Add MGC Down To Physical Attacks

RESダウン RES Down
Chances To Add RES Down To Physical Attacks

SPDダウン SPD Down
- Chances To Add SPD Down To Physical Attacks

LVダウン LV Down
- Chances To Add LV Down To Physical Attacks

光召スタン付加 Add Magic Stun
- Chances To Stun The Enemy When Attacking With Magic

ATKアップ付加 Add ATK Up
- Starts The Battle With ATK Up Effect

DEFアップ付加 Add DEF Up
Starts The Battle With DEF Up Effect

MGCアップ付加 Add MGC Up
Starts The Battle With MGC Up Effect

RESアップ付加 Add RES Up
Starts The Battle With RES Up Effect

SPDアップ付加 Add SPD Up
Starts The Battle With SPD Up Effect

LVアップ付加 Add LV Up
Starts The Battle With LV Up Effect

再生付加 Add Regen
Starts The Battle With Regen Effect

祝福付加 Add Blessing
Starts The Battle With Blessing Effect

神速付加 Add Godspeed
Starts The Battle With Godspeed Effect

属性影響アップ Elemental Effect Up
- Boosts Up Elemental Attacks


<攻撃系 Offensive Type>

人間特攻 Attack Humans
- Increases Physical Damage Against Humans

水棲生物特攻 Attack Aquatics
- Increases Physical Damage Against Aquatic Creatures

有翼生物特攻 Attack Winged
- Increases Physical Damage Against Winged Creatures

植物特攻 Attack Plants
- Increases Physical Damage Against Plants

不死特攻 Attack Undead
- Increases Physical Damage Against Undead

魔獣特攻 Attack Beasts
- Increases Physical Damage Against Beasts

昆虫特攻 Attack Bugs
- Increases Physical Damage Against Bugs

竜特攻 Attack Dragons
- Increases Physical Damage Against Dragons

魔法生物特攻 Attack Magics
- Increases Physical Damage Against Magic Creatures

エクセルアップ Excel Up
- Increases The Given Damage Of Offensive Type Excel Act

MAXダメージ+ MAX Damage+
- Increases The Given Damage When HP Is At MAX/Full

瀕死ダメージ+ Dying Damage+
- Greatly Increases The Given Damage When Near Death

急所突き Vital Thrust
- Increases The Given Damage During Critical

必殺の一撃 Deathblow
- Low Chances To Enable Critical For One Action Of Physical Attacks

光召の極み Magical Extremity
- Chances For Critical When Attacking With Magic

連撃 Chain Attack
- Chances To Add The Number Of Attacks By 1 When Attacking

連撃+ Chain Attack+
- Chances To Add The Number Of Attacks By 2 When Attacking

追撃 Pursuit Attack
- Chances For Additional Attacks To Link With An Ally's Attacks

銃の心得 Knowledge Of Guns
- Normal Attacks Become Penetrate Attacks But The Effect Of Knowledge Of Combined Attacks Takes Priority Over This

複合攻撃の心得 Knowledge Of Combined Attacks
- Normal Attacks Become Combined Attacks And This Gets Preference Over The Effect Of Knowledge Of Guns

ぼうぎょ無効 Guard Cancel
- Ignores The Enemy's Guard And Inflict Damage

特殊防御破壊 Destroy Special Defense
- Chances To Destroy Special Defense Status With Physical Attacks


<防御系 Defensive Type>

火属性耐性 Resist Fire Element
- Fire+2

水属性耐性 Resist Water Element
- Water+2

風属性耐性 Resist Wind Element
- Wind+2

土属性耐性 Resist Earth Element
- Earth+2

状態異常耐性 Resist Abnormal Status
- Chances To Prevent Abnormal Status

能力値変化半減 Halve Stat Changes
- Suppresses Stats Reduction Effect

ガード性能アップ Guard Performance Up
- Increases The Performance Of Guard

ぼうぎょHP回復 Guard HP Recovery
- Recovers A Bit Of HP When Guarding

回復量アップ Recovery Up
- Increases Recovery Amount When Receiving Recovery In Battle

オートガード Auto Guard
- Chances To Guard When Being Damaged

ピンチガード Pinch Guard
- At Near Death, Sure Guard When Being Damaged

物理ダメージ無効 Physical Damage Cancel
- Chances To Invalidate Damage When Receiving Physical Damage

光召術無効 Magic Cancel
- Chances To Invalidate Magic When Receiving Magic Damage

SP消費異常回復 SP Costs Abnormal Recovery
- Use SP To Automatically Recovers Abnormal Status When The Turn Starts

瀕死アイテム回復 Dying Item Recovery
- Automatically Uses Heal Liquid When Near Death

戦闘不能防止 Death Check
- Chances To Endure Unable To Battle Effect

物理リバース Physical Reverse
- When Receiving Physical Damage, Chances To Inflict Damage Back To The Attacker

光召リバース Magic Reverse
- When Receiving Magic Damage, Chances To Inflict Damage Back To The Attacker

クリティカル防止 Critical Check
- Invalidates Opponent's Critical

耐性効果アップ Resistance Effect Up
- Boosts Up Elemental Resistance


<その他 Others>

単独光召増幅 Solo Magic Amplify
- Chances To Activate Amplified Magic When Using Magic

絶対光召増幅 Absolute Magic Amplify
- Surely Activates Amplified Magic When Using Magic

光召待機短縮 Shorten Magic Standby
- Halves Standby Time When Using Magic

MP消費0 MP Cost 0
- Chances To Not Use MP When Using Magic

SP取得アップ SP Acquisition Up
- Increases SP Increment On All Actions

開放効果アップ Opening Effect Up
- Increases The Strength When Opening Up A Rogress

フォースアップ Force Up
- Increases The Activation Rate Of Arm Force

フォースアップ+ Force Up+
- Greatly Increases The Activation Rate Of Arm Force

韋駄天 Idaten
- Greatly Reduces The Standby Time Of The First Action In The Turn

瀕死消費AP減少 Dying AP Cost Reduction
- Reduces AP Cost At Near Death And The Effect Is Cumulative With The Godspeed Effect

単独行動 Solo Action
- When There Is Only One Battle Participant, Given Damage Up And Received Damage Down

アンチフォース Anti Force
- Chances To Invalidate Enemy's Activated Arm Force

盗む確率アップ Steal Rate Up
- Increases The Successful Rate When Stealing

逃走確率アップ Escape Rate Up
- Increases The Successful Rate When Escaping

アイテムブースト Item Boost
- Increases The Effect When Using Item In Battle

撃破HP回復 Defeated HP Recovery
- Recovers A Bit Of HP When Defeating An Enemy

撃破SPアップ Defeated SP Up
- SP Increment Bonus When Defeating An Enemy

撃破リバースAP Defeated Reverse AP
- Chances To Recover AP When Defeating An Enemy

HP最大値アップ Max HP Up
- Low Chances To Increase MAX HP Permanently After Winning A Battle

取得EXPアップ EXP Acquisition Up
- Increases EXP After Winning A Battle

取得リコアップ Rico Acquisition Up
- Increases Rico After Winning A Battle

取得WPアップ WP Acquisition Up
- Increases WP After Winning A Battle

武器の呪い Weapon's Curse
- Increases WP But No EXP After Winning A Battle

トレジャーハント Treasure Hunt
- Increases Item Drop Rate After Winning A Battle

警戒 Alert
- Can Not Be Discovered By Enemies When Moving Around


<コマンド Command>

自己修復 Self Recovery
- Small Self HP Recovery

応急手当 First Aid
- Recovers An Ally's Abnormal Status

盗む Steal
- Steals An Enemy's Item

挑発 Taunt
- Easier To Be Targeted By Enemies

身隠し Hidden Body
- Harder To Be Targeted By Enemies

かばう Cover Up
- Becomes The Target Instead Of An Ally In That Turn Only

DEFストック DEF Stock
- Puts Up Special Defense, Effective Against Physical Attacks

RESストック RES Stock
- Puts Up Special Defense, Effective Against Magic Attacks

応援 Support
- LV Up An Ally

罵倒 Scold
- LV Down An Enemy

観察 Observe
- Check An Enemy's Status

状態譲渡 Status Transfer
- Transfers Abnormal Status And Status Changes To An Ally

溜める Charge
- Increases The Effect Of The Next Action But Not Applicable With Magic

運の采配 Baton Of Fortune
- Increases The Activation Rate Of Arm Force In That Turn Only

最速行動 Fastest Action
- Perform The Next Action The Fastest

遅延行動 Delay Attack
- Perform The Following Actions The Last

吸収 Absorb
- Gives Absorb Effect To Actions In That Turn Only

HPSP変換 HPSP Change
- Changes Self HP To SP

SP譲渡 SP Transfer
- Transfers SP To An Ally

全体攻撃 All Attack
- Attack All Enemies

維持 Preserve
- Maintains Status Changes (Only For Adjustable Types)

命の変換 Change Of Life
- Sacrifice Self To Bring Back An Ally