Today, I got new idea about my life.



That is '' my university. ''


We could make own university!!!!


Now, I have lived in London for 10 days because of working permission problem in Finland.


Actually, I never think that I move to London before and I don't have enough money to live here.


Basically, most of people feel negative this kind of situation.


However I tyr to think positively.


Now I don't have any job to get enough saraly, actually only 50,000 yen per month.


It's not possible to live even by myself.


How do I think for positively?


I have a lot of responsibility for job which are expected by many people who I want to support. 


And after I came to London, I always think about my role for society and my happiness.


By the way, what is your happiness?


Nowadays, do you study for your life?


How do we can study?


At university? school? from other people? from some book?


I noticed the most important thing is.......


We can learn anything by myself.


But perhap, I think most of people don't have what you want to know after graduate.


I also don't have it before.


But nowadays I found it.


How do I find it?


Firstly, accidently I could make space, time to think.


Recently, I always go to library for 10 hours per day and think about my strength point and what I want to be in the future and my vision and so on.


This is first experience for me as well that I could make time to think about my life more slowly.


I calle it my university,


Little by little I started finding what I want to do in the future.


Space, time, your heart


Let's try to make it!



Thank you for reading it!!!