It has been some time now that I write- I almost didn't remember how to get into my ameba...

So many good things along with bad things happen in life, ne?

We keep moving forward each and every moment we can.

Sometimes it is okay to stop and take inventory of your life.

Sometimes it is important to look back only to see how far you have come and how strong you are.

Sometimes you must remember to keep going, even when you feel there is no use.

You can't rest your future on anyone, but you can rest your future on you, and lay the past to rest.

Let's make this new year a good one.

I am moving forward- lets gain some momentum!

Roses, Love, Life, Death

Hello my dear roses,

How is everyone today?

This is more of a personal blog than business related today.

Today I come to speak on matters close to my heart.

Roses, hmm, so beautiful aren't they? Everyone loves roses, men and women alike. It is indeed a beautiful flower, representing love because of the full blooms, the long strong stems and even the thorns. It represents life, because love is life to all, without it we die but with it, we thrive.

You see, roses of all the flowers in a garden take a lot of love to grow. They are resilient but they need tender care and they need attention or they are sure to die. A rose can not thrive in situations where there is no love, no tender care and did you know that some roses will not grow where other flowers have grown? They can be selfish like this, but rightfully so, they offer what other flowers do not offer. They shine like no other flower can shine.

Many times people see the beauty of a rose and they wish to keep it, so they cut it. Or they see the lovely roses and want to gift it to their beloved. Each time, they cut the stem, cutting life from the rose and place it in a vase, but shortly after the love is felt from the the act of giving- they ignore that beautiful life. They got the fuzzy warm feeling, or the sense of gratification from giving or receiving that beautiful life and they ignore the rest of the roses' life. Is it fair??? To be cut for your beauty and left to die when they get their (Feel)? Many times this happens, many times humans also do this to their "beloved." They do the work to get the beauty they desire and then they let it die. This is a huge no no.

I think it is selfish. Just because someone is beautiful, does not give you the right to take him or her for what they are worth and once you get your fill, to leave them to die. You see, all life is not disposable. If you can not learn to nurture what you have taken, to value the life you have taken in your hands, you deserve to lose it. For it is NOT fair to take a life just because you can. 

When you cut a rose, do you not understand they feel pain? When you take that life into your hands, do you understand its worth and how much it wants to give you beauty, but you soon set it to the side and let her die? How tragic it is to see so many do this to people they claim to care for. Love takes tenderness and care and if not, just like the rose, it will die. 

Love is a delicate thing, you all are my roses for a reason. 

"A single rose, my garden, a single friend, my entire life." 
- Leo Buscaglia

If you did the work to get someone, don't forget to do the work to keep them happy and feeling loved. If you have a rose, take care of her...she was born with beauty, but don't let that be the reason she dies a painful death. 

No one likes to be ignored. No one likes to feel alone. And trust me, roses are no different. Sure, they might have thorns, but anyone willing to fight through those to get to her beauty and nurture her, she will give you life beyond the pain. But if you cut her life, she will surely die and all life she promises will be dead with her.

If you have a beloved, nurture, treat with tenderness, show them how much they mean to you. If you don't- they will die and you have none but yourself to blame. 

Roses, my dear dear roses... life needs one thing to thrive;love. 

Let's not forget it is the only ingredient, that without it- all things turn bitter and die. 

Forever and always,
Koiai, the scarlet rose.

New Home for Koiai Designs

I have some exciting news for each one of my lovely roses.

 Although Koiai Designs lost the personal website due to funding issues, they are now listed here in the Sanctuary of Mana official portal along with some other absolutely amazing fan groups/ artists.

This will be our new home. How cool is that? I feel very honored to find my home amongst these wonderful people and I think I will like it very much. Thank you for the safe place for my garden! 

All updates will be there first, so please sign up quickly and join the forum to get firsthand updates and latest information!
You don't want to miss out on the newest developments, do you?? 

Come join in the fun there is much more than meets the eye, loads of secrets to be revealed soon, but only for forum members! So don't miss out on the goodies! 

Please take a moment of your time to read below! It is a growing community, just birthed on March 25th. So for that, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this lovely growing community.

As with all new babies, this will need lots of love, attention and affection for each of you who choose to join. Many of the previous communities that were up to support Sanctuary of Mana now rest in peace and this is the Phoenix Rising. Let's see it grow strong!

Welcome one and all to the Official Portal.
Please read the FAQ (easy to understand and easy to follow) It will help you in the sign up process.

Here is the homepage to sign up ( http://som-official.ucoz.com/ )

I am Moderator at Koiai Designs, I will await your arrival! 

Don't forget to share with your friends, tweet it, tumblr it, send it to those who love Mana, Kaya, D/ Asagi, Jupiter JROCK in general...etc. 

It is a sanctuary indeed. Come join us! Thank you, will see you there.


Good afternoon my roses!
I was called at 6AM by a 0000000000 number, heavy accented individual, sounded like they were having sex in my ear, heavy breathing and all. They asked for me by my name and then asked all sort of medical questions. I stopped them and told them, you realize its 6:44 AM???? You are asking personal questions about my medical history why?? No I don't want to buy your crap, take me off your list and I am reporting you to the FCC!  They got angry with me, asked (Are you really going to do that???) YES ITS THE LAW YOU ARE BREAKING! I will be turning you in. (and I did)
My darling roses, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

Caller Identification (ID)

If you have caller ID, a telemarketer is required to transmit or display its phone number and, if available, its name or the name and phone number of the company for which it is selling products. The display must include a phone number that you can call during regular business hours to ask that the company no longer call you. This rule applies even if you have an EBR with the company, and even if you have not registered your home phone number(s) on the national Do-Not-Call list. Before these rules took effect, the words “private,” “out of area” or “unavailable” might have appeared on the Caller ID display.

Second Call of the day: 
Man with a heavy accent, assuming was middle eastern, called and wanted me to verify my social security number (but he did not read it to me, he wanted me to give it to him) Then he told me I had an arrest warrant for some bogus crime. 1-313-355-7586 (The area code is from Michigan. I have never lived in Michigan.) He told me I could pay him over $800 on a $5,000 bond and I would go free if I made payments with a MoneyPack card. I laughed at them and told them to pay ME money and the man screamed Profanities at me and once I laughed again, he hung up on me. 



It is not a laughing matter but I am far beyond stressed and begin to laugh under tremendous stress and I find it absolutely ridiculous how people assume you are stupid enough to believe them.

I am not a criminal and refused to be screamed at over the phone by a stranger trying to scare me into paying money on a bogus crime. Do not become a victim to this. The phone number is listed above if you want to make sure not to get scammed or harassed.

Be well dear roses, love and bloom and remember, we have thorns to protect ourselves. Be safe in all areas of your lives. Much love to you all.



Good morning my darling roses,
As you know, recently I made an alliance with a team of young men who were willing to take on the world.

 *very wet behind the ears*

Yet with all great plans, one must remember that reality will make an appearance and this is not a child's playground, nor is reality very kind to those who wish to play in these matters.

Has anyone ever heard the phrase "there is method to his madness"??? This was my motto in this project. As one would be mad to take on such a group full of ego, pomp and lack of experience. I love to live on the edge, what can I say? More-so this is a lesson to those who want to build without proper thought in business matters.

From the beginning it was rocky.
We can fix that.
As management I took a stand.
I offered heavy advice.
Speaking from experience, I gave pieces of information and knowledge to help guide them along their way.
Opened lines of communication for best results.
The advice was ignored, very quickly, but the black mark came with the disrespect not with the lack of listening skills.

Strike one!

No heeded warnings from management, but I took my concerns to my trusted sensei, a very close friend of years and confidant as well as guidance in all things dear to me. He is very adept in business matters and offered some great advice for my team. Arigatou gozaimasu, sensei m(_ _)m

Some wonderfully insightful advice was given. All readers would benefit from such advice, especially from such a highly respected and knowledgeable businessman as himself.

My personal thought? They should be so greatful to get any reply at all from this man!

That constructive criticism was not received well and was even met with anger.

Strike two!


Strike three?? OH YES....

assumptions that my sensei and I carried ulterior motives to steal the idea or "business" out from under the creator.

They insulted not only me as their manager but also insulted the most honorable Mana sama. Bad move, very VERY bad move! The very idea that he would want to steal that idea out from under you is laughable. Do you know who you accuse???? Apparently not.

Lack of knowledge is only forgivable to a certain extent in my book.

Starting a project of any kind takes knowledge, research and experience. If you lack experience, you better make up for it in the other two areas.
Furthermore, if you plan on representing a culture other than your own, no matter where it is based out of, you better make sure you are a respectful representatives and not a cut rate version.  You carry an unbelievably heavy burden of responsibility upon your shoulders towards those you represent.  To be any less than your absolute best in this regards is an outright insult!
I can not stress to you how important it is for you to, not only be on your best behavior when dealing with a senior adviser, but also for you to represent the other culture with utmost pride and respect. (RESPECT.)

Personally speaking, I happen to love and adore Japan, the culture and the people. I will not allow for anyone I manage to disrespect or dishonor Japan in any shape, fashion or form.

Which brings me to very important points of contention in this matter:
I let the disrespect slide in regards to myself. My ego is not a problem. Secondly, I allowed the personal ignorance to slide in regards to the name TEAM SENPAI, the misuse of honorifics with yourselves and finally allowing room for the ignorance in regards to who my sensei really is.

What I will not accept is your direct and careless insult to him or myself regarding this start up idea called TEAM SENPAI.
This was your final strike three: DEAD RIGHT BEFORE IT HIT THE GATES.

As a TEAM member, as your manager and as a representative to another country, none of these are acceptable. Not here, nor anywhere you venture. Do not disrespect those overseeing you and do not disrespect anyone willing to offer you priceless advice and opportunity. You have failed in the biggest way.

Word of advice: Don't bite at the hand that feeds you.

Let this be a lesson to all who want to play with words, play with titles and play with reality: you play with fire and you will get burned.

TEAM SENPAI is now dead and no longer supported by KOIAI DESIGNS.

(If anyone else should want me to be part of their projects, keep in mind I do not play games. This is serious business to me and will be treated as such.)