The trend of the world's leader in men's Zegna, following last year's successful joint "If you love" the classic men's launched its own after the season in order to more perfect interpretation of the overall image of elegant men, Ermenegildo Zegna will launch a new spring and summer 2006 fashion elegant glasses series that it will Pitti Uomo (Men's World Fair) in a grand debut, 10 pm, at the Bund on the 18th Zegna flagship store, the organizers specially invited a number of famous models a perfect interpretation of the Zegna men's and glasses the perfect match, "Piano Prince" Lee Quan went to the site, a common interpretation of this series of refined elegance.

This series product is licensed by the De Rigo Vision production company, the entire series embodies the concept of a luxury fashion: The excellent quality of raw materials production, smooth, rounded lines, the product design elements into the latest trends and innovation, while attention to detail on the decoration, which is the biggest characteristic fashion trends this quarter. The series adopted a retro style, the perfect embodiment of this concept brought about by the historical accumulation of inspiration at the same time give it a more modern and personalized feel. This series of products is also very sophisticated manufacturing process: the performance of excellent material, filter lenses, as well as the details of the decoration is no exaggeration to embody the distinctive elements of this series of products.

"COUTURE" series of products are stylish and elegant design style, which with Ermenegildo Zegna's sartorial series of products with anti-allergic use, ultra-light titanium production, to ensure their comfort and security. Foot in the mirror at the design of an embedded logo, use of natural rubber production, it is this classic series is a special design touches.

"HIGHWAY" series of products have a more sporty feel, suitable for leisure and family with Zegna. Highway in the Zegna family, the first product is a jacket coat, followed by the production of footwear and bags, today launched the corresponding glasses and products to make the series more complete. You will find this series of products using various styles of metal construction, as well as in the mirror foot frame at mosaic of leather, so that it forms more prominent.

"TRAVEL" lens range of products of special technical equipment used in the former Norimaki on the surface appear to have no screws, and linked so that the entire pair of glasses seems to be more time, the simplicity and the United States Sightseeing! Glasses which is ideal for casual wear, when the performance is excellent and unique style.

"NOMAD" full range of products are based on a combination of retro and modern design is retro Zegna season in all series of the most distinctive characteristics of a. Plastic production, as well as the mirror in the optical front foot at the design of mirror-chain. Inside of the foot mosaic mirror engraved with Ermenegildo Zegna logo metal label.

Sunglasses very popular recently, a reporter for The Star photo shoot, almost all wearing sun glasses, and secondly, the price is not expensive sunglasses, designer sunglasses prices than handbags, shoes to be much cheaper, so the sun glasses boutique sales good.

How much sought-after sunglasses in the end? According to the survey, YSL substantial growth in recent years, sales of which two come from the sun glasses; the United States's top department stores such as Harvey Nichols also found that, in the past inside the top-selling items is a bag fashion alone, but the recent performance sunglasses has been impressive, becoming the most in-store hot items.

But "a good horse saddle also need to better distribution of wealth" and its production process is also very particular about oh. The brand launched a number of glasses sunglasses lenses are used diamond cutting method, this new process will be the edge of refraction lens effect, well looked shiny, absolutely make you become the focus of the crowd.

Of course, the lens also "far behind" Oh, this summer, or continue to pop super-lens, looks larger than the frame, like a mirror directly glued to the frame, put the full sense of it is absolutely cool. Of course, retro trend not to be overlooked, rectangular black and white picture frame or the hawksbill turtle pattern frame, coupled with amber, gray series of lenses, you have a modest and elegant look. There is a French designer, in the next few years, sunglasses remain popular lightweight sheet metal frame products. At the same time to increase the texture of sheet metal glasses, who is currently popular in fashionable frames, frame edge inlaid diamond pieces, add a dash of aristocratic atmosphere.
It seems the fashion this summer to perform large, big bags, watches, jewelry and so on, where people experience the "big" the charm, and this trend is increasing, also sunglasses, and some are even half as large as the cover faces, but may also have to do for other conditions and customs, their facial expressions very well hidden in the big sunglasses, the full enjoyment of the feeling of freedom!

Money-burning brand has always been to the representativeness of the elements of Chrome Hearts recently launched a new series of the summer, from the bag to the various types of necklaces, rings and other accessories, as well as the necessary shape to put it figuratively, sunglasses, flat mirror series full shelves!

Whether it is used in order to avoid the paparazzi, or just with better clothes, or simply to block the bright sunlight, sunglasses are undoubtedly the stars of the accessories necessary one item. In Hollywood, "the better" is the mantra of today's trends, chanel, PRADA, and star sunglasses GUCCI is the most common first-line brand. "Pilot" or "Toad mirror," Hudson's "pilot" sunglasses.