Hi all participants in the party on July 4th. ゚・゚*・(゚O゚(☆○=(`◇´*)o

It was a great party!

17 people in 1st Party and 16 people in 2nd Party. I never experienced all people continued to participate in 2nd Party. I'm sorry for Seiichi who had another appointment at 8pm. I appreciate for his participation although he couldn't drink beer and he had to leave just after the 1st party. Let's plan the next party in October or November(*^-^)b

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I went to the country pub in Azabu with Taro after 2nd party. Is it called 3rd party?

I enjoyed Taro's country song with drinking wine.

It was really great night to me.

My friends give me an energy and I am motivated by them. I can live in this summer as I was fully filled my energy by them.

Hi there, my friends ! (≡^∇^≡)

I planned the class party held on July 4th (Sat).

I have already sent the invitation e-mail to my friends whom I knew the address.

<As of today on June 20th>

Please let me know your participation in the party! Thanks and regards, Stuart.

The participants are now 17 people of Shirly, Taro, Kayoko, Yoshihisa, Ucchi, Tracy, Tomo-chan, TACK, Makiko, Seiichi, Kenichi, Ryoko, Yoko, Yurie, Atsuko, Kie and Stuart.
I'm so sorry for Caz's cancellation. Caz is absence this time because of his EDO matter.
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See you next week!

My favorite Japanese restaurant "Tenseki-Tei(転石亭)"is in Akasaka.

It's very peacefull and quiet atmosphere. I can enjoy foodstuffs and Japanese sake.

I ordered "Kaiseki course" this time on June 15h, Monday.
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↓Appetizer and Fresh Sea Food.
英語ブログ jijieigo 「楽しむ時事英語」-200906F

↓Ordered 4 brands of Sake below.
英語ブログ jijieigo 「楽しむ時事英語」-S1 英語ブログ jijieigo 「楽しむ時事英語」-S2

英語ブログ jijieigo 「楽しむ時事英語」-S3 英語ブログ jijieigo 「楽しむ時事英語」-S4

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"Hydrangea Festival" is held in YOKOHAMA Hakkeijima Sea Paradise for the period from June 6th to June 28th.

Hydrangea is about 60% bloom now. I think next week is good time for taking pictures.
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↑Not many people are found in the park. (;一_一)

↓Wedding Ceremony was held in the park. (*^_^*)ラブラブ
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Go My Wayな stuart日記-min2 ↑Misawa House in Post Town. (宿場の三澤家)
Go My Wayな stuart日記-minn1 ↑Kitamura House in Vilage in Shin-etsu. (信越の村、江向家)

I visited Japan Open-Air Fold House Museuos on June 13th, Saturday.

About 20 old houses in there and most houses are farmer house. I felt my old days when I was child in my country. My fathers' home house was old farmer's one and the horse room was in the doma space, although the hourse wasn't there.

I watched Shirakawa village house which I was impressed.
I ate Nameko Soba in the restaurant.

Go My Wayな stuart日記-min3

英語ブログ jijieigo 「楽しむ時事英語」-dance The picture is no relationship with the title and contents.

Just show my image only. I have no intention to challenge dancing. You know?

I became the sixth grader of Meiji Liberty School this year. I have been studying English since 2004, and I decided to challenge the another subject.

It's "the history of Edo and Tokyo: city and culture".


巨大都市東京を、豊かでゆとりのある暮らしの場とするための一つの手がかりとして、江戸以来の伝統文化の見直しがあります。しかし、現在、江戸270年と明治大正昭和の70年が創りだした江戸・東京の文化は、グローバルな文化の波に呑み込まれ、日常の暮らしの中では薄れつつあります。 これまでの東京の街づくりは、経済的合理性が優越して進められてきましたが、このところ安全や安心に対する見直しが現実化しています。それらの達成が進められる一方、次の価値として、文化・芸術が豊かさを担うものとして求められるのではないでしょうか。

Although I don't attend the English class, I'll keep in touch with my friends in English class. Don't worry about the party. I'll plan and arrange it in June or July.

ビール お酒 ワイン

Go My Wayな stuart日記-BayBridge

It's almost 1 year since I wroted the blog on Jijieigo.

I'm very sorry for not updating the blog for a looooooog time.

It's a night view of Yokohama. I visited there on Friday, May 15th, 2009.

The location of Yokohama Skywalk is in Daikoku Futo Area. It's one of my favorite place. Have you ever been there? Skywalk is the facility under the Yokohama Bay Bridge.

Go My Wayな stuart日記-MinatoM
↑Minato Mirai Area.
Go My Wayな stuart日記-Skywalk
↑Inside the Skywalk. It's the facility under the Bay Bridge.
Go My Wayな stuart日記-MarinTower
↑Marin Tower will open on June 2nd. It's 150th anniversary of Yokohama Port.

Go My Wayな stuart日記-Chiba
↑The view of Chiba from Yokohama.

The fireworks on July 20 was held in Yokohama.

It was cancelled last year due to the typhoon attack.

I could have beautiful photos from a good shot point.

I always think Yokohama port is beatiful. It's beautiful both daytime and night.

The rain season was over this year and the summer has come.

There are sea wind in the port area, I don't think the summer in Yokohama isn't so hot.

I applied "Shonan Marathon" in November after my achievement of Tokyo in February.

I have already started the training for the race but the long distance training is difficult set in week-day. Then I decided to run on Saturday after the Jiji-eigo Class. I prepared for the running from Ochanomizu to Yokohama, it's about 30Km.

I ran from Ochanomizu, moved to Imperial Palace, Hibiya Park, Daimon... then I found the southern place was so dark and the heavy rain was expected. The rain was come when I was running around Sengakuji. It was so hard, then I declined to continue the running. I got the train from Sengakuji and saw the heavy rain through the train window. Oh, how it was soooo heavy rain !!!

The rain was soft at Tsurumi and I got off the train for starting the run again.

My plan of running 30Km was reduced to 17Km. But I could enjoy the long distance run.

TokyoB TokyoA

Running Full Marathon Race was my dream♪

And I made it on February 17th, 2008.

I'm very very happy to achieve it !!!

My gross record was 4:51.

Time less than 5 hours is within my satisfaction range.

Thank you very much for your warm support.