Japanese Hacker Rearrested over Online Threats

Tokyo, March 3 (Jiji Press)--A 30-year-old Japanese man, accused of remotely controlling other people's computers to send threats, was served with another arrest warrant Sunday.
Yusuke Katayama was rearrested for allegedly sending an aircraft bombing threat to Japan Airlines <9201> by hacking a personal computer used by a man in Osaka Prefecture, western Japan.
Katayama, an information technology company employee in Tokyo, is suspected of violating the hijack prevention law and obstructing business, police said.


japman-madmanのブログ-IWJ Interview On the eve of May 3rd 19:00 Tokyo, Katayama’s lawer(right on the pic above),

Hiroshi Sato appealed suspects’ innocence in the 120mins live interview on independent net station IWJ(Independent Web Journal)


The lawer appealed the innocence for the folloing reasons.

1) FBI’s claim that DropBox was used by his e-mail address is the one and only evidence to rearrest him so far, but it is such a weak one. As a character of computer-clouding system, it can be shared by somebody else(who can be Mr.X)

or someone obtained his mail address and easily pretended him.

2)Katayama sold his old smart-phone on Jan.13 and it got initialized on sale to be passed to the next buyer.

Three pics were revived by police but none are irerevelant as evidence. He denies tying chipped-necklace to cat. He admits to take pic of the cat, but denies tying necklace nor micro-chip.

3)The police have no storong evidence. Why cannot they show the pic or video from

monitoring cameras?

4)The suspect agree to interview and confess on condition that all interviews be videotaped for a month. Why can’t the Police accept this request ?

5)Ice-exe was written in a complex computer language called C#. He knew and studied it but never mastered, so he could not have written it, according to his senior-colleague.

The interviewer Yasumi Iwagami (left on pic above)is the owner of indie internet station;IWJ.

He is an expert on US-Japan alliance and by denying conspiracy-theory as a professional journalistic policy, but hinted at the political influence of

the cooperation of the two for cyber security published and announced on Aug 2012 as the CSIS Armitage-Nye Report


Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affaris announced last week the two cooperating in taking measures for terrorists like we see in Algeria recently.


Katayama was rearrested by the hijack-prevention law yesterday. He may have prevented JAL from flying to America, but this 40 years old(outdated?) law can be applied just to rearrest in line with US-Japan cyber security politics in light of national defense practices, according to a politically journalistic eye of Mr.Iwagami.


On Japanese internet world, blog, twitter, the credibility of the Japanese Police is getting lost by their rearresting the fifth culprit with no definite evidence yet, and some conspiracy theorists start to suspect the premiere of regulation on internet freedom of speech

For reference,here are the reports of a week ago before the rearrest.



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