JAM-TAKO Going on NEXT!!


iWe started recordhing session the end in MARCH!

Now going Rhythm section track of 4 songs!!

It went no problem, rether so great!!

They will be complete until summer! 

Not only 4, we will ready other songs New MIX version, or Re - Master version!!

They will be Great Too! 

By MiX again, the songs might be like brand new or someone feel quite another song.

Anyway, You enjoy with JAM-TAKO's ultimate new songs bundle!!


By the way, We love 5th album FLAME OF LOVE much more!

Why don't we Listen this Again on Spotyfy?



Have a Happy Easter!!

Destination to!!


JAM-TAKO bounds the way to Top of the Big Rock.

It's so hard an far to get on there.

Our dream, becoming the first Japanene Rock Band grabs a fame in the world,

and we are not young, aging too enough for playng Rock'n Roll, but never give up!

Can't help ourselves stop Rock'n, so keep on!!

We won the 4th in ranking on The Colorado Phil Show on Tri Lakes Raduo in Colorado USA in Feb 2018.

Such a great things make us famous band someday, believing!!!

It's only Heaven Knows!



the 6th in Ranking

on The Colorado Phil Show

on Tri lakes Radio in Colorado USA


We are very proud of this!!

And appreciate for all supporting JAM-TAKO!!

We will keep on Rock'n and

heading for destination

at the top of Big Rock!!