iriskas' vanilla world...


or good night 

My last blog entry was written so long time ago... Incredible! A lot of things happened, so many stories could be shared here but somehow I didn't...

But I decided to write my blog again and soon I'll have a lot of new stories to tell! 
Coz one of my dreams will come truth soon so I'll share my emotions about it

Let's enjoy last day of the weekend

bye bye 

I have many dreams... some of them are big some are not
One of my dreams became real
Before that day I thought that it's impossible
but 6 month ago... magic happened and bang! my dream become real
I waited half year.... I was in euphoria.... so happy... so excited because day x was coming
but with my happiness and euphoria... at valley of my heart there was little fear of what will happen
and some days ago X day came....
I expected that it'll make me happy
and yes one part of me is happy now
it was like hmmmm
I don't know.... it's difficult to explain
maybe If I imagine my dream as glass with magic drink
so I got that glass into my hand
I saw it.. smelled.... I felt me happy
but right before drink it
somebody put there some poison
and then I thought.... should I drink it? or give up?
but I don't give up! my dreams are not to give up!
so...drunk it.... but there was fear.... fear of death maybe... this fear didn't let me to enjoy my dream
to feel happiness
then I after it I stayed alife and I got my dream but there is not full happiness
right now I feel something like black hole in my soul.... just nothing... empty? 
yes! emptiness is a right word

ah... I should stop
maybe tomorrow I'll think that it's miserable to write it here but today it will be here
why not? 

P.S I just wish people to be a little more tolerant towards another
sometimes what is not important for you could be really important for another person
it's so easy to hurt but it's almost impossible to cure and forget.... even with time there will be emptiness hiden with another feelings but it won't dissapear

and just before go

all of you... people on this planet or better in universe!

From bottom of my heart I wish that your good dreams will become truth 
and you will be really happy