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     / ̄ ̄\
   / .ー  ー \   ← Koyamada-chan
   | (●) (●) |  
   |   (__人__) | 
   |   `i  i´  |      "Are we sending anything through today?
   |   . `⌒   }         Can someone please bring it to me?"
   ヽ       } 
    ヽ     ノ 
   /      ヽ 

I'll bring it now, just hold on a second!

A master figure!
If-if this is getting sent to China today... I need to get some
pictures fast!

So today we're going to take a look at:

Nendoroid Petite:
Ranka Lee Magival Girl Pastel ver.!

From 2011/02/26 there is going to be a nationwide roadshow for "Macross Frontier: The Movie ~The Wings of Goodbye~"
and this Ranka-san is going to be the second extra to those who pre-book their tickets!

It's a Nendoroid Petite of Ranka as she appeared on one of the key visuals for the movie - dressed in a Magical Girl Pastel outfit! As you can see she is incredibly detailed for a Nendo Petite!

This is how she looks from the back!

Her open back and huge ribbon are really sexy! She also has her one leg lifted up in a very lively pose ideal for Ranka! Kira!☆

The wand in her hand can also be removed!
It is attached with a dowel so there is a little bump where it connects, but at least you have the option to remove it!
As with all other Nendo Petites the shoulders are fitted with joints for some extra posibility!

     / ̄ ̄\
   / .ー  ー \   ← Otanaka
   | (●) (●) |  
   |   (__人__) |      "There is actually another master figure..."
   |   `i  i´  | 
   |   . `⌒   }      
   ヽ       } 
    ヽ     ノ 
   /      ヽ

Nendoroid Petite: Sheryl Nome
White and Black Rabbit ver.!

A Nendoroid Petite featuring the Black and White Rabbit costumes used in the previous Macross F Movie - The False Diva.

This Sheryl is the third extra to those who pre-book tickets!

It's a set of two Nendo Petites!

Sheryl Nome: White Rabbit ver.!

She is so adorable! Particularly the heart on her cheek and the pompon on her hair! The ribbons on her shoulder also looks really nice on the smaller figure!

This is how she looks from the back!

The mantle she is wearing is actually a lot bigger than it looks, even with the cut down the middle! There are also tiny pompons on the back of her boots!

Sheryl Nome: Black Rabbit ver.!

 / ) ) )/ \  /\  
 {   ⊂)(●)  (●) \
 |   / ///(__人__)/// \    
 !   !    `Y⌒y'´    |
 |   l      ゙ー ′   ,/
 |   ヽ   ー‐    ィ
 |           /  |
This one's got a really erotic feel!

Here she is from the back!

Her cape can actually be removed entirely! This one is definitely the most erotic of the lot, you need to see it with your own eyes!

All three together!

Ranka-san is still only a sample, and might still have some changes done so she decided to face the other way.

Nendoroid Petite: Ranka Lee - Magical Girl Pastel ver.!
Nendoroid Petite: Sheryl Nome - White and Black Rabbit ver.!

Today's Nendos come with special pre-book tickets for
Macross Frontier the Movie: The Wings of Goodbye

For more detailed info please check out the official site below!

Macross Frontier ~The Wings of Goodbye~

Whether you've noticed or not, it's already Friday!
So once again thanks to everyone for reading my blog again this week, hope you all had a great week!

Before I go though, I want to show everyone this video:

It's a song by DECO*27!
The PV illustrations are done by Hayashi Kentaro who is also illustrating "The First Weekly Hatsune Miku" in Weekly Young Jump at the moment!

He has done a variety of amazing illustrations of Miku ever since she first debuted. The song might make you shed a tear, but it's well worth the watch!

That's all for today!
See you next week!

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