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Watched the movie And I for some reason want a second movie and book (haven't read it) So yeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh plz make another book so the creators would make another movie 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I wanna see more Jake x Emma and Fiona!!!!! (My fave char).
wow that trailer was awesome. I hope it will not pull out a seventh son here and just showed us the good part.
this movie has already butchered the books


Heartwarming story. I teared up for both Bob and James. So James, after many appearances on TV and having a best-selling book, you must have made enough money to get your teeth fixed? Or perhaps like my sister - she'd rather push red hot needles into her eyeballs than visit a dentist. Sad how our fear(s) can keep us from being and looking our best. I wish you James, and Bob, a future of unlimited happiness!.
ive seen this moive on netflix and its amazing! :D

Isaw it its amazing

i remember i read this book a few years ago i thought it would be crap but it was actually amazing cant wait to see this.

muito interessante essa história de amor e amizade...simplesmente lindo!!!!!.

good trailer :)