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Positive Feedback

We occasionally send out surveys to our
clients asking them how their experience
 of the salon was for them, this lovely response
 below I thought I would like to share...

Hello Howard, 
Here is my feedback from my
 experience at Gold.

The photos attached are actually ones
Fabio took right after he did my hair.

My experience coming to Gold Hair Salon
 has been nothing but positive.

The only minus is that it takes me
an hour and a half to get there,
as I live quite far away,
but it's well worth the time
 for the quality of service.

 I've had my hair cut and had highlights.
My stylist took the time to listen to
what I wanted to achieve, and was able to
 interpret that into a style that was
 sleek yet easy to maintain.

I've found that not only am I happy
with the physical results, but I enjoy
my time at Gold because
of the friendly atmosphere.

 I can honestly say that it's
 a pleasure to come to Gold,
 and a pleasure to leave feeling
 I have hair that looks fabulous. 


Hair Extensions

Super long extensions on our
 gorgeous client Carol Pontes,
Her hair, just below the shoulders
got a big injection of sexiness
thanks to Gold stylists
 Hiro and Yuki.

Tokyo's No1 English Speaking Salon

There are tons of hairdressers
 in Tokyo and then
there is Gold!
Don't trust your hair
 to anyone else but
Tokyo's leading foreign hair

Tip from our Newsletter

Many people’s hair presents as dry
 and thirsty not only because of
 chemical services, 
heated styling tools

 and/or over exposure
 to harsh sunlight.

A far more subtle,
 pervasive damage

occurs to hair that is
washed too frequently.

Excessive shampooing can lead
to dehydration of the
 scalp causing 

what is often
 mistaken for Dandruff.

It is also an attributing factor,
 particularly in longer hair to dry,
 wiry ends that often split.
Frequent shampooing for those
individuals that have an oily scalp
just creates further stimulation of the
 sebaceous glands exacerbating
an already obvious over production
of sebum that is occurring naturally.

So if you wash your hair everyday,
 try cutting back to every other day, 
If you already wash your
hair every other day,
try cutting back to twice a week
and if you already wash it twice a week
 and it presents any of the issues
I mentioned above then possibly
 once a week may be adequate.
Sometimes "LESS is ENOUGH!"

Our Smooth Hair Promise!

This before and after of our 
QOD Keratin Treatment 
speaks for itself,
don't you think?

Great Lengths Extensions at GOLD


This is a little before 
and after showing 
just what can be 
achieved with
 Hair Extensions

Hair by Hiro

Make mine RED!!

Want great looking red hair
 that stops traffic??
Check out this before/after
 to see just what's achievable.

Hair by Yuki for GOLD

B.K.T Campaign

Brazilian Campaign, help is on the way!

From Aug 15 till Aug 31,
 We are running a short campaign
 for anyone going crazy dealing 
with the humidity and the resultant
 frizziness it brings to many hair types. 

Get yourself into GOLD for a
Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment
 done before Sept 1st and receive
a complimentary bottle of post Brazilian
 treatment shampoo and conditioner
plus a complimentary haircut/trim.

That’s a saving of overY13,500
 and guaranteed sleek, smooth hair
to sail thru the remainder
of Summer with.

Stay Cool, Stay Gold

Seriously COOL summer hair!

Sometimes Less really is More!
Lovely Beachy Blonde highlighting,
loose gentle waves,
Simply Irresistible!
Hair by Fabio.

Currently GOLD is seeking
Bi-Lingual assistants
call us for details.

Great Lengths @ Gold

Want the highest quality
100% human hair extensions?
Extra length, massive volume?
All that and more is available 
now at Gold with the world's 
leading pure Remy hair extensions 
by Great Lengths now available 
at Gold.
Till August 20, 20% OFF all our extensions!

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