Hey everyone (=⌒▽⌒=)

Today I wanna show you my current progress with my cosplay costumes. Many things are done now and I'm pretty much satisfied with them <3
So first I'm gonna start with my Blondie costume:
I do both versions now : Harem and fighter outfits in babydolls fantasy. Atm Justin helps me to show some real progress with the fighter outfit because I'm still scared that some things will fall off during the photoshooting and I want to secure them better. Therewhile I recived my blondie corset for the harem version. Its gonna be a mix from this :

Feenaのコスプレイ・LIFE ・BLOG☆彡

and this :

Feenaのコスプレイ・LIFE ・BLOG☆彡

I think I'm gonna do the hair style from the first picture and and outfit looks more like in the second picture.
Its going to be a black corset, dark orange bolero ( mine is open ), hot pants in black and fish net tights.
I hope it will look good :D

Otherwise I finished my nami bikini today! here you can see how it looks like :

Feenaのコスプレイ・LIFE ・BLOG☆彡

Not my best work on some parts but it will keep everything in place XD
The colour is also different in real as it is shown right here. Because I edited the picture and made them sharper it looks more blue but this bikini has a metalic greenish effect ( alsmost like the stones I've used here). The trousers are also done and shoes are waiting to be worn haha555
I'm just waiting for my wig to arrive now and then its all done! Wanna see a progress photo ??

I've been working for the last couple of weeks on my cosplays like a full time job LOL
So I hope I can reach my goal to finish EVERYTHING till end of may. Blondie, Lightning and Noctis should be done first because I wear them in April already!!

So I hope you enjoyed this little view of my work and see you next time !!!




Hello everyone (=⌒▽⌒=)

Today I wanna show your my current process of my FEENA COS! Its almost doneо(ж>▽<)y ☆

Feenaのコスプレイ・LIFE ・BLOG☆彡

I showed it also from the inside because I wanted a Check-up if its clean and well sewn.
After the orange part and its inside was done, I added the red straps, sewn the sleeves on it and painted her sign afterwards. It looks better than my old version and I'm pretty sure that this could be my last one
(  ̄っ ̄) ( I always say that and at least I have something to be unhappy)
The sleeves are about 80% done but I'm a way further than on the pictures right now so I keep updating the next days.

Go and check out my husby's JUSTIN COS progress for a little inside view <3


Atm I try to calm down from stressful days and make a change in my nowadays acitivities.
Recently I was shopping with my husband and bought some yummy asian sweets! then JUSTIN these:

Feenaのコスプレイ・LIFE ・BLOG☆彡

Not to mention that a Make-up crazy girl can't leave without buying something. So here it goes and I left the store with 3 beautifull eyelash cases from japan *O* One of the pink packages are for my soulsister Miyu-nee-chan <333 I'm happy that you like them!!
The ones in the white package are under lashes which my husby got for me.
We also met our dear friend ( and my big siiiiisssttterr *O*) Shinahi who invited us to drink a bubble tea:

Feenaのコスプレイ・LIFE ・BLOG☆彡



Ameba go!! Quick and long update

Hey everyone!,

I decidet to use my ameba blog more instead of FC2 since I love the designs here (=⌒▽⌒=)
This will be a long update and its written in english instead of japanese because I want to improve it first!

It happened so much the last months and we're almost done with all costumes we need for this year. It happened not in a rush and everything looks well made and clean.

The first topic will be my husbands Justin (GRANDIA) costume. Thats how it looks now:

Feenaのコスプレイ・LIFE ・BLOG☆彡

And the back view:

Feenaのコスプレイ・LIFE ・BLOG☆彡

He made the green bag too like Justin has it in the references. You can open it and put some things in it!

The hat is also more than 2 sizes bigger than the last model. Just the goggles and the shoes are missing. The amor is done too, but we haven't took any good picture of them yet (* ̄Oノ ̄*)

For my Feena costume, the progress has slow down a bit because I still miss the orange fabric for my top. everything else exept the side bag and the shoues are done. I was extra careful with the triangle belt which was all hand sewn for 3 days. It was worth though:

Feenaのコスプレイ・LIFE ・BLOG☆彡

I nearly died (#`ε´#) buwaaaaahh!!! Just the upper strap is sewn with a machine.
..and because that can't be all for this year I also started on the beloved Rebecca chambers ( resident evil Zero / Biohazard ). I made her rescue west as fluffy as it looks. Its impossible to shoot me down haha

Feenaのコスプレイ・LIFE ・BLOG☆彡
The photo ruined the quality of the jacket (/TДT)/ better picture next time!!

And before this all turning out to long I will show you a little insider view of my Blondie costume which is finished and ready for april!!!

Feenaのコスプレイ・LIFE ・BLOG☆彡
How does it looks now?? I created a darker make-up and I can tell you I'm used to it XD
BTW husby-sama's cam kinda washed out my skin tone lawl! Anyway, details are done on the costume, Make-up will take some serious work and my hair....puh finally a cosplay without a wig for me XD now I really love my curly hair hahaha55555

Hope you have a nice day ^o^