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National decision

It seems that the Liberal Democratic Party(LDP) will get a landslide victory on the election which was taken place today.
The festival is over.The time has come to change their pledges into realities.
We have to watch whether winners set forward the reforms especially postal privatization.

Calling from abroad

I opened a bank account at foreign bank.
Today , I got a call from a foreign woman who is a bank clerk.
That is the first time for me to talk with a foreign person in telephone ,so I was very nervous.
It was difficult for me to understand what she said, but I managed to acheive a goal of the call.
I have to improve not only writing and reading skill but also speaking and listening skill in English.

Attack of typhoon

I was going to go to Kansai region on business tomorrow.
But I postponed the plan to this weekend because a big typhoon has been coming now.
It has very strong wing and rain.So, many transports may stop and I may not return to my home.
But however , thanks to the postponement I can meet my friends who lives in Osaka for a long while.
I'm looking forward to the meeting.

Visiting "Hills"

I'm going to go to Roppongi Hills tomorrow to report a result of investigation on a building to my client who works in there.
This is the first time for me to go Hills. I'm looking forward to see inside of the building which is one of the most famous building in Japan.
And I guess, I might come across Mr. Horiemon!?

BON holidays

I've just come back from my home town in Tohoku region. I had been there5 days since last Thursday as my summer vacation.
During the vacation , It was terrible weather; heavy rain.
When I was in my home with my families and enjoy watching fireworks , suddenly It began falling the heavy rains like a strong shower.
I think that the climate of Japan has been changing to tropical.

The most experience shopping

The last two week , we went to Karuizawa in order to flee from extemery heat air in city.
We visit a gallery aimlessly , and met a painting which was drawn by famous artist.We were attracted by the one ,and a shop stuff eager to recommend to it.
Finally We decided to purchase it. That wat the most experiendce shopping we had ever done.
Yesterday ; sunday , The painting came from my room. We put it on the wall.
It is realy good thing,we are well content with our shopping.

Hard to sleep

It was very hot and humid air last night . Though we kept the air conditioner runnning thoughout the night , I couldn't sleep well.
To make matters worse , somebody explodes firecrackers untill midnight.
Today , I was sleepy all day long . I'm going to sleep early tonight.

The hell of heat

The Radio news program said that It was the second hottest day today in this year. The maximum tempreture was over 35 degree centigrade which is almost the same with a human heat.
Despite the crazy weather , I walked around in Tokyo for doing my job. My eyes were almost burnt by strong rays of the sun. I thought I should have sunglasses though they don't suited me.

climbing high

I was hot day today!
I climbed up the top of building in order to investigate the building facilities.
That was a bit scareful experience for me.

She is busy

On this week , my wife has been being busy on her job . She always wake up before 6 am and return to home over 8 pm . I come home earlier than she , so I have to decide which I should do taking supper alone or waiting her .
Today , I cooked for ourself and ate together .Of course I know it's more fun than eating alone .

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