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I loved this movie especially because the trailer gives you no point of reference about what the film is actually about



HAHAHA. Nice one at exhibiting the roles guys
WTF i got an ad of the trailer of this trailer and it was the full trailer.!!!


Well shit I was over thinking this was going to be a film about becoming a minimalist and their adventures doing that........damn I was not expecting this 😅😅😅
Yzma: Ok, Krong, here is my plan to reduce overpopulation: First, I´ll make an announcement about fantastic technology capable to reduce the human body shrink people five inches tall. Second, I will reduce those people stupid enough to actually believe live when measuring a finger lenght is awesome. Then, they all die eaten by common predators! IT´S BRILLIANT, BRRRRRRILLIANT I TELL YA!.

What about bugs? Will they have to battle animals vs. humans??


Awesome! I want too.. hahaha
11 jimmy kimmel dislikes


honey, i shrunk the human race!